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After reviewing the content for this section, I feel that we have a pretty good annual performance review process in place for instructors.I do think we could be doing better, however, when it comes to providing instructors with information in real time via dashboards.

I found myself re-thinking how we onboard and train new faculty members. Although I feel we do a good job, it seems to me we could be doing so in a more thoughtful, streamlined manner.

We are expecting instructors to engage more with students other than providing written feedback inside forums and with assignment grades. We would like to incorporate more mini-lectures via audio or video and/or have instructors meet virtually in real time with students. These are unique skills that need to be addressed during the interview. This course has already encouraged me to review our hiring process.

This course provided me with practical tools for monitoring online instructions.


This training provided me with practical tools on how to implement an effective monitoring system to determine best practices in an online instructional setting. Additionally, 

This module on job analysis provided me with the tools and techniques to write a good job description. Additionally, by applying the tools and techniques provided, I will be able to conduct an in-depth study of the tasks, responsibilities, and technical and soft skills expected from the applicants. 


It is important to include even small details within your budget.

Human resources, physical space needs, and key support roles are crucial for inclusion in your 5-year plan.

We are adding a required "Introduction to Healthcare" course in the first term. There were many parts of this module that will be included, such as a thorough description of the possible jobs available upon completion of the program.

It is important to evaluate existing programs (enrollment, tuition, viability) in addition to potential new programs when preparing your 5-year plan.

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