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I think recruiting is great! 

I see that job analysis is very important to assure that you are finding the right people. 

This session really helped me understand the implementation of a program.

Being a new Executive Assistant, in the education field, this has been great to help me understand the launch of new programs.  

The employment of current practitioners as instructors in the educational arena is becoming more prevalent. Some schools are even indicating a preference of ‘up-to-date’ instructors who are currently practicing the discipline being taught

Comment on Regina Bush's post: I have been practiticing nursing for 40 years, I still work full time as a nurse and full time as a teacher......being current helps me relay theoretical knowledge for nclex and exit exams in a real world way, I also love including the errors I have made in my career of over 40 years so they can learn from my mistakes. I am 62 years of age and still work two full time jobs and love it!!!

Diana Lane MSN RN

Having a 5 year plan should include everyone in the school and everyone providing input to know that the school will be in business for a long time. 

research is important

I am new in education, and this module has been helpful to me to understand being an Executive Assistant to the President on how planning a new program works. 

I've completed many incumbent observations but had never thought about it from the standpoint of identifying good hires from future candidates.  This is a very helpful perspective for myself and my team as we complete observations.

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