Potential Employers

It is essential to know that there will be jobs for potential graduates of any newly created programs. Should potential employers be part of an advisory board?


Absolutely yes - one of the best types of advisors to have is any potential employer in the field. Creating that connection and fostering a relationship bebefits the college in so many ways. I would take an entire advisory board full of potential employers for a new program any day!

Christopher Nickell

Yes, potential employers should definitely be included as advisors. We also include potential employers in the program development process so that they can provide input on courses, feedback on books, and externship sites. This creates a sense of ownership to the program that "they" helped develop. Their strong familiarity with the program offerings assures them that the graduates will have a strong training background.

Definetely. Employers can provide essential and important information that will anable and assist the committee make better and informed decisions regarding the creations of new programs.

I think having an advisory board included is an advantage for potential curriculum topics as well. Such as: books, subjects, technology, equipment,etc.


I agree! Whom do you think are the best candidates for an advisory board?

Lisa Sharpe

Absolutely. We include practitioners and potential employers on our advisory board.


That's great! What kind of feedback do you find most valuable from each group?

Dr. Lisa Sharpe