The Advisory Board

An Advisory Board or committee is very important for program decision-making. Who will you have on your board and what is their affiliation with your institution?

Some of the people on the board would be some of the heads of the clinics that let our students externship at there locations.


Great answer! Have you considered asking members of the accrediting bodies to fit on the board?

Lisa Sharpe

I feel that the board should include different working levels from companies. This will assist with the growth with in the companies. This will also assist with program decisions due to you can get the feedback from all areas on employment trends.

Dorothy Rogers


Thi si an important and little-thought of piece. In my experience, it is natural to assume that those in high positions (CEO, DEAN, Director of Education) will be the best placed to review overall trends. However, you make an important point.

Dr. Lisa Sharpe

Our advisory board is a critical piece of our course development and ongoing review/revision processes. We have a council assigned to each career area that consists of no less than three people. On each council, we try to include at least one practitioner and one potential employer, so we have input into what the day to day duties require as well as what employers are looking for in candidates. Our advisory council members participate in a formal review of the programs in their area once a year and are solicited for input on programmatic and/or revision questions that come up throughout the year.


How amny times a year does your advisory board meet? Seeing that busy schedules are such a factor, do you ever meet electronically?

Dr. Lisa Sharpe