Serving distance learning students

What are some creative ways to better serve distance learning... >>>

Governing Boards

Is it appropriate to have the corporate offices also serving as the Trustees and as such the final arbiters of all... >>>

Competitive benefits and wages

What would be the most effective way to gather information on knowing if you school offers competitive wages and benefit... >>>

Other Personal Characteristics

How much emphasis is placed on "personality" when hiring an instructor for your... >>>

Job Offer and Orientation

What are two goals for the instructor's first... >>>


What type of questions should never be asked during an... >>>


Which method of recruitment has worked best for... >>>

Job Analysis

How are knowledge and skills... >>>


Normally, I have already given the hired instructor a tour of the school and other information at the interview. For orientation, I introduce them to staff and faculty and provide them with a short... >>>


I enjoyed this module. I beleive that in facial interviews. I have done a couple over the phone, and I do beleive that those tend to not get a second interview. Perhaps there are techniques I can... >>>


Even though I have an applicant that matches my KSAO and seems to be the best qualified, they sometimes turn out to be the worse instructors I have hired. Where can I find the best qualifed... >>>

What I look for...

When I interview instructors, I am looking for individuals that have the same personality and love for teaching that I have. The one question that always determine it for me is, I ask the potential... >>>

Physical Space

Our school facilities are sufficient at the moment but in two year we will be accredited and we predict an increment of our alumni by 50%. How can we stay in our same location and include more... >>>

Yearly Plan vs. Five-year Plan

We do end of the year meetings to review our Yearly Plan but never have done it on a five-year Plan basis. Why is so important a 5 year-plan, besides giving a sense of being here for the long run, are... >>>


Has anybody tried job fairs to recruit instructors and if so how did that work for you. We use career builders and I got my job from the newspaper but in a market where professionals are somewhat... >>>


Some of the attributes I look for are a a well rounded person, who truly enjoys working with students. Someone who understands the needs of our students and how to relate to the demographic that we... >>>


In identifying the ideal student this would allow a school to target marketing activitiy. What are some of you doing to capitalize on the HS... >>>

Advisory Boards and Committees

Advosry Boards and Committees play an important part in regulatory complaince as well as program development. What are some stratigies that you are using to maintain involvment of members in such... >>>

Student Outcomes

One key area that I have found that seem to imporve student outcomes retention and placement is to get student involved early on in their professional organization. Has anyone else seem similar... >>>

5 yr. Plan

Once your 5 year plan is developed an in place shouldn't it be updated regularly? Would it be better to maintain a rolling 60 Month plan? This might better reflect adjustments made to market and... >>>