involving members of the community...

Great insights in involving members from the community in the planning... >>>

open house

We have bring high school students to see your school and been amazing... >>>

weekend classes

weekend classes are the best way to use the same space and still have more... >>>

student service

Student services are as important as the program offerings. With the right student services your students are more likely to stay in school, graduate, and find employment.... >>>

planning and initial steps

I have found that casually speaking with students has given me ideas on where I want my school to go, and I have shared many of those ideas with my... >>>

Good budget for Financial Success

Understanding your campus budget will allow you to financial success. Campus Director need to be involved in the evolution of their campus budget. All campus function revolve around the budget and... >>>

Social Networking

One of the things that I have considered using for the recruitment of instructor candidates is social media. I am pretty well connected in my area, and I use social media and networking to promote my... >>>

All encompassing web based marketing strategy.

I would like to ask about thoughts on web based marketing to compliment radio, flier, billboard..etc. I was recently introduced to a company offering services that tie in with our website, scheduling... >>>


I am a Campus Director at a small school with an even smaller staff. My staff always has great ideas, and we definitely excel at the brainstorming and idea sharing activities. However, once we have... >>>

se GANNT and PERT charts and specialized planning software

GANNT charts are simply bar code charts that show the progress of tasks within the larger project along with who is assigned to each. PERT charts are flow charts originally designed by the US Navy... >>>

CE Courses vs Degree programs

The NY Times reports that "short vocational programs leading to a certificate are becoming the kudzu of the educational world. Instead of investing in a master’s, professionals itching to move... >>>

Establishing the Advisory Board for an Online School

If your program is to be offered online, the advisory board should be state-wide rather than local or regional since students will come from all over the state and perhaps even nationally. This... >>>

Internships v. externships

I work for a school that has an internship. The value of this is huge, our students are able, under instructor supervision, to practice their techniques in a safe and controlled environment. We... >>>

5 year plan

I work for a large school group. When developing the 5 year plan committee is it suggested that we develope it at the campus level first then present it to our home offices? Historically speaking we... >>>

The Information Gathering Process

So far, we have compiled information on projected employment from national (BLS) and state sources. We have also gathered information on average and median starting salaries for graduates of the... >>>

The Advisory Board

Employers for relevant career areas. For instance we have multiple Programs that train office workers at multiple levels. We have some specialty programs that train Bookkeepers, Medical Office and... >>>

Using Available Data

What surveys does your institution have in place? How can you use the current data? What new surveys and other research techniques do you have to put in place to gather data to make informed... >>>

Graduate Placement Data

Our Career Services Department is a great resource for providing information on employers that currently hire our graduates and those who don't. On occasion, this department has been instrumental in... >>>

Gathering Competitive Data

In the area that I live in there are a few different training centers, many more than I thought that there was. It is refreshing to see all of the availability that is offered.... >>>

New Program Data

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) administers the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) examination. Schools have to meet NCBTMB requirements to become an... >>>