Libraries are optional?

Libraries are optional when offering vocational programs.


We offer a vocational school and we have to have a library or our school will not pass its renewal. We even have to provide in writing the material that is located there.

The challenge of libraries and learning centers to meet the needs of each program is often solved through creative ways. One is an online library geared to programs offered. Another is installing internet computers for access to resource information. Another is building a library from book discount stores, thrift shops, and more. Students need to see there is more to learn than what is offered in a classroom. They need to know how to solve problems with information, learning resources, and the internet. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz

Don't forget if you have a public library within COMTA specified distance, you are good to go!

Kelly ,
We don't agree that libraries are an option and we also don't think students will travel to public libraries. In fact, if you have been in a library, not much is happening except community meetings and events. However, students can be surrounded by libraries by having a library within the school plus lots of internet accessible workstations. In addition, we believe there should be lists of helpful urls for students to refer to for each class or learning objective. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz

We offer a physical and online library resource to our students and faculty. We have found that the balance best suits our diverse student population and allows our faculty to access resources to enhance their classroom learning. Using the same resources as the students have access to allows for easy referencing.

This sounds like a great library solution and offer. One goal is to be sure there are learning materials and resources that meet the needs of your students and match the training offered. There are many companies that provide custom library services. In addition, often students and teachers locate hundreds of urls to share. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz