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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

New Year, New Board?

Traditionally we have had only a handful of “regular” advisory board members. A high percentage of our members are rather nomadic in nature - that is, we see them a few times (rarely in a row), then never again. Often we see them just once! It seems to me that we should to get these members off of our advisory board rosters, since it gives us a false number and hence false assumptions about how many we can expect at a given meeting. How do we ask these members to resign the board without burning bridges in the local (and… >>>

Orienting your new instructors...

What do you currently do to orient your new instructors and what would you do differently?

Conducting job interviews...

How do you conduct job interviews and what changes will you make as a result of this module?

Recruiting instructors...

What is your most common way of recruiting applicants for instructor positions at your school and how can the method be improved?

The right instructor...

What kind of knowledge, skills, and aptitudes do you seek in your instructors?

budget development

Oddly, budgeting is not discussed until late in this course. In fact it's the last module before the suggestion is even made that accounting staff be involved, and budgets written. It seems to me consideration of costs and potential revenues should be involved throughout the entire process.

The Formation of an advisory baord

I am the new director of a career school which does not have an advisory board. I have been with the organization for a period of four weeks and in that time I have discovered that some of the administrative staff have a wealth of valuable information. It is mine intention to ask some of these staff members to serve on the advisory board. What they possess is invaluable. I have also been meeting with individuals involved in allied services; individuals who have a lot to offer; who epitomize all the characteristics of great advisory board members; I will also… >>>

Organizational Cultures

I am the new director of an organization which has been in existence for ten years. In that time, it has steadly declined due the the ethos of the organization; an ethos of dysfunctionalism that permeates the entire organization. There is much potential in this place and a dire need for all that it has to offer to the community. However, many of the current staff, including the founder, behave in ways that undermine growth and development. Can anyone suggest strategies I might employ to change the current ethos?

Advisory Board value

How do you get the members of the advisory board to fully participate? Some are all for being on the board but when the day comes for a meeting work gets in the way and they can't attend the meeting.

Board Vitality

Maintaining board vitality requires attention and recognition, what are some of the ways you can enhance the effectiveness of your board while staying within your budget?

Managing Boards

If you were being evaluated on how effectively you are managing a governing or advisory board for your school, what would you include in your accountabilities and how would you assess them?

Form and Function of Advisory Boards

If asked to present a proposal to senior management on the form and function of advisory boards, how would you position it? How would you demonstrate the value of an advisory board to enhancing the accomplishment of the purpose(s) of your governing board?

Value of Governing and Advisory Boards

Both governing and advisory boards, when operating effectively and efficiently, can make significant and valuable contributions to a career school. How would you present, to senior management or school owners, the value of the two types of boards?

How can we effectively motivate our students to seek employment once they have graduated?

I have a small but fast growing Allied Health Academy. We train medical assistants, dental assistants and massage therapists. Our medical and dental programs each have externship components. We agressively seek externship sites that are hiring. Our massage therapy program has an internship component that is held in our clinic. I have opened the clinic up to our licensed grads so they can have assistance starting their new careers without being at the mercy of a spa hiring them or not having start up cash to go it on their own. Our problem has been motivating some of our students… >>>

Adding new programs?

How are schools determining which new programs to add? Is there some bank of information available or are people "dipping their toes in" by trying new programs in a small way and then pouring in support if it gets some traction?

Your top plans...

If you were asked to select the five top plans to put in place today, which would they be? What does your committee have to say?

Dealing with organizational issues...

Consider the most pressing issue of the subjects covered in this module. If you could snap your fingers, how would you address the situation?

Placement Services

Discuss ways to enhance your placement department regardless of how many employees or staff hours you can budget for it.


If you have been conducting brainstorming sessions, what have you discovered so far? What new ideas do you think you can realistically put in place? What answers to previous questions have emerged? If you haven’t started the sessions, what do you think you will discover when you do start the process?