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Following a sequence starting with the application completion, applicant test, interview invitation, structured interview steps, RJP best practices, notes and data assessment, and final decision optimizes efficiency, performance, and satisfaction rates.

Using AIDA to create engaging job ads is a best practice when the school needs to recruit fast and in a targeted manner.

A job analysis is essential to successfully hiring the right instructor for the organization. To perform a sound analysis, you must first establish the KSAOs, define the instructor's potential functions, and identify the available budget for hiring purposes.

Importance of leveraging Associations and Job Boards but keep it manageble. 

I will be giving these lists of questions to enrollment and advising to ask about my current programs in addition to when I am looking to expand with new programs. 

A way to foster board vitality is to appoint a "board information liaison" to maintain effective information and communications among members.

An essential component of board meetings' effectiveness is to plan and announce them in advance, as well as organize and conduct the meetings on time.

When identifying and recruiting board members, I found it very important to define the composition of the members that will best reflect the school population in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, etc.

The effectiveness of both the governing Board and Advisory board may depend on how the members were identified, recruited, and trained. Therefore, policies must be very strategic.

Marketing and budget planning for IT schools involve developing strategies to promote the school's programs, attract prospective students, and effectively manage financial resources. 

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