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LMS approach and experience, demographics of previously served students, and other teaching affiliations/commitments are preferred credentials for consideration.

There are so many different LMS out there.  Wherever one decides to become an instructor, one should grasp theat LMS and become one with it in order to facilitate what your students will be expected to do better.

New faculty should have weekly meetings or 1:1's with a supervisor to track progress (or opportunities) in order to get better results.


Understanding the reasoning behind accreditation standards gives new faculty a great insight as to WHY they must follow the standards.  Seeing and knowing what the standards are allows new faculty to ask any questions if they see something they might not understand.

Hiring faculty with real-world experience will have an easier time teaching their subject matter because they have actually experienced it.  They are better able to explain any lectures and add some value to that lecture by giving examples from their previous experience.

Putting a complete budget in place is essential. You need to know what your plans will cost.

Support roles are essential.

Student services is essential for students and the schools success.

 A comprehensive five-year plan serves as a powerful signal to employees, indicating the institution's commitment to continual expansion and development. This assurance fosters a sense of stability among staff, consequently boosting retention rates. Moreover, a strategic emphasis on minimizing retraining efforts for position refills not only curtails costs but also mitigates employee burnout, fostering enduring organizational coherence. As the five-year plan engages multiple stakeholders in its formulation and execution, a collective investment is cultivated, fostering a shared sense of dedication and ownership among all participants. Planning plays a pivotal role within an institution.

The regulatory agency information, specifically regarding the allowable percent change of a program, was eye-opening.

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