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Optimal educational operations are necessary for effectively delivering service to students and maintaining the financial health of the institution. This group is for those who oversee, or aspire to oversee, educational operations. Group members discuss and share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Hiring the right faculty | New comment by Edith Algiere

I like this concept because it is concise and easy to use. I will use this also.

Corrective actions | New comment by Bernadette Yeaton

In terms of responsibility, there is always two sides. For example, when a student fails a class, the school and the instructor are partially held responsible. Schools need to provide every...

Making a Difference | New blog by Kristy Taylor

Hi Everyone, The model, mentor, and monitor model really stood out to me.  Also, I have had discussions in the past regarding how to help faculty embrace the concept of the student as a customer...

Corrective actions | New discussion by Martha Boykins

Does corrective actions always focus on the instructor?

Not for online institutions | New discussion by Miriam Hill

This course is not for an online institution, I don't find anything that can be useful for online. 

5 Year Planning | New blog by charles carpenter

I just completed the 5 year planning course and it was a great help. We are currently working on our 5 year plan and it really helped me re-affirm what we are doing.  There a lot of components, b...

Length of new hire orientation | New comment by Dr Ramin Soraya

I agree, the lenght of the program and level (AS,BS,Graduate) would definately be a determinant of the lenght of traning.

Advisory Boards | New comment by Suzanne Scales

Good question!  I do have to say that I got some great ideas on recruiting members from the OTC course I'm currently taking - OP110 on Boards.  I've always asked at Chamber events,...

Advisory Boards | New discussion by Joseph Weber

I have difficulty getting board members.  What are good strategies to recruit board members?

5 Year Planning | New comment by Suzanne Scales

Hi Betsy,

ACCSC has a Monograph Series publication on Institutional Assessment and Improvement Planning on thier website here

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