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It is important to complete a DACUM - Developing a Curriculum. We had to do these in the past. i do not see them submitted anymore. Perhaps there is a different model for new programs being used. or None at all, other than, copying what other schools have completed. 

This only applies to for profit organizations. If you are a public, tax payer institution, you can wastes as much money as you want. I wouldn't, but just saying you can if you want and get even bigger budgets year after year. It's the only place negative feed back causes positive growth. 

I like this five year plan idea for students. When I was a Progam Director, I had students tell me where they saw themselves working. I wanted their ideal job. Over the next two years, I spent time in lecture describing the pros and cons of each of the different types of hospitals. They woul then start focusing on everything from the types of equipment theyd need to learn more about, how indepth they'd need to understand the electronics, and any other skills that were a benefit to that environment.  Large hospital, small hospital, in house service department, outsourced service department, federal hospital, state hospital, DoD hospital, private insurance hospital, etc. There is more to being successful than focusing on one factor. 

It is important to complete a full DACUM with the proposal of a new program.

PD and inservices are important factors for faculty development and retention

When monitoring online instruction, it is important to consider multiple approaches

It is important to use a phased approach in orienting and training new faculty and to ensure that state regulatory and accreditation rules are met

It is important to consider academic credentials, regulations, and real-world experience when hiring faculty

Marketing stratagies and 10% rule. Will make me more conscience of the day to day operations of our school.  

Pre-planning for additional growth, adequate space needs consideration. Utilizing current classrooms. Adding more flexible class times, Building a Library wi all forms of media.  

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