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Fair Admissions Practices | New blog by Austin Gagnon

It is essentail to be as honest as possible when talking to possible students.  Honestly is always the best policy, potential students appriciate clarity.

Sticking with an ideal marketing strategy | New comment by Austin Gagnon

Once you establish an ideal marketing strategy then it is best to stay with it. The answer is false on the test but I feel you do stick with what works and keep looking for other markets but still...

Libraries are optional? | New comment by Austin Gagnon

Libraries are optional when offering vocational programs. True We offer a vocational school and we have to have a library or our school will not pass its renewal. We even have to provide in...

another quiz question | New comment by Austin Gagnon

Student services offerings are optional for most schools. True False Feedback Student services are as important as the program offerings. With the right student services your students are...