Best practice

See what the faculty do in the course , and how they communicated with the... >>>

Continuing Education Credits

I had not really thought of CE credits as a way to add new buiness. This was an interesting training. What has worked for... >>>

Making a Difference

Hi Everyone,
The model, mentor, and monitor model really stood out to me.  Also, I have had discussions in the past regarding how to help faculty embrace the concept of the student as a customer... >>>

5 Year Planning

I just completed the 5 year planning course and it was a great help. We are currently working on our 5 year plan and it really helped me re-affirm what we are doing.  There a lot of components,... >>>


I wouold like to have some feedback from any schools that are using TFC as a funding option for... >>>

Hiring the right faculty

I will use the worksheet provided to set up the KSAO for the instructor positions I hire.  I will also use the example of the RJP when communicating with potential... >>>

5 Year Planning

I just completed OP105 about 5-year planning which was useful since we are in the middle of our Strategic Planning process.  I love learning from examples.  Can anybody recommend... >>>

Program Advisory Boards

I now understand more about what my program advisory board should be doing. I did not know about sending out pre-meeting and post-meeting communications. I also had not been instructed about the need... >>>

Hiring the Right Instructor

This course was an eye opener regarding developing the KSAOs before actually recruiting. It truly makes sense, but I hadn't considered this as a formal process. I also didn't realize that employee... >>>

Faculty Online

It's very hard to manage faculty online. Now, i am studing how to devolope a competence for take the best of each... >>>