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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Organizational Development Planning for IT Schools

Leadership Development:

Invest in leadership development programs for administrators, department chairs, and academic leaders within the IT school.
Provide training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities to develop leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and strategic thinking among faculty and staff.
Faculty Recruitment and Retention:

Develop a proactive recruitment strategy to attract top-tier faculty with expertise in emerging areas of information technology.
Implement initiatives to support faculty development, recognition, and retention, such as tenure-track positions, research grants, and sabbatical opportunities.
Staff Training and Professional Development:

Offer professional development opportunities for staff members to enhance their skills, knowledge, and job performance.
Provide training in areas… >>>

Best practices for online education

I like to do a standard learning needs assessment of new online faculty.  Many faculty have previously taught in multiple LMS platforms under different school policies.  That way I can get ahead of any assumptions that they may have about how our specific program is managed.  Doing orientation in phases is very helpful.  Also, I pair up faculty with another faculty mentor who is teaching the same or a similar course.  This helps them to feel supported and connected in a remote environment.

Boosting your Educational Operations

We are planning on boosting our marketing strategies by putting all the necessary tools to reach out to some specific students that we intended to admitted in our school and have a strategy for five years will help us implement pour school success.

Best practice

See what the faculty do in the course , and how they communicated with the students

nothing to add

nothing to add

Continuing Education Credits

I had not really thought of CE credits as a way to add new buiness. This was an interesting training. What has worked for you?

Making a Difference

Hi Everyone,

The model, mentor, and monitor model really stood out to me.  Also, I have had discussions in the past regarding how to help faculty embrace the concept of the student as a customer (client).  I found the training to be very helpful with regards to this aspect.

5 Year Planning

I just completed the 5 year planning course and it was a great help. We are currently working on our 5 year plan and it really helped me re-affirm what we are doing.  There a lot of components, but when you are surrounded by the right team anything is possible. 


I wouold like to have some feedback from any schools that are using TFC as a funding option for students.

Hiring the right faculty

I will use the worksheet provided to set up the KSAO for the instructor positions I hire.  I will also use the example of the RJP when communicating with potential applicates.

5 Year Planning

I just completed OP105 about 5-year planning which was useful since we are in the middle of our Strategic Planning process.  I love learning from examples.  Can anybody recommend any good examples of 5-Year plans for vocational schools?  I am most interested in the "Table of Contents" - which aspects of the school are included in the plan. 

Program Advisory Boards

I now understand more about what my program advisory board should be doing. I did not know about sending out pre-meeting and post-meeting communications. I also had not been instructed about the need to train my board members. I can see how we have just had an annual meeting to meet accreditation requirements, but now I have the tools to make it a more effective arm of our school.

Hiring the Right Instructor

This course was an eye opener regarding developing the KSAOs before actually recruiting. It truly makes sense, but I hadn't considered this as a formal process. I also didn't realize that employee testing could be less expensive than face-to-face interviews. I have had to take tests at one or two other places I applied in the past, but didn't know where they stood on accuracy. It was also good to confirm what questions to ask and which ones to avoid. Very uselful course that can be applied to my current job position.

Faculty Online

It's very hard to manage faculty online. Now, i am studing how to devolope a competence for take the best of each professor.