Using Research Effectively

How prepared are you to conduct research to determine what new training programs to offer? What else do you feel you still need to know?

This class has brough to light some of the things I had not thought of whens tarting a new program.
I would use an excel spread sheet but I would like to use a bar chart or graph chart to show progress. I think that sometimes with a big project like adding a new program, people get impatient and try to rush the process or lose interest in the project.


The importance of patience cannot be overstated. It takes time to develop and nurture a new program, and so many things comeinto play -- advertising, research, recruiting, and old fashioned stubbornness. Sometimes a new program does not take off as expected! I've had this experience many times. At a for-profit institution, many times management will want to see immediate results, not realizing that results and reputation take time to build.

Lisa Sharpe

I think that if you are realistic with management or with yourself and include in the time line the first year after launch that the expectation will be more in line with the result.


That's where data-driven research can really help!

Lisa Sharpe

Thanks for a well designed course.

This course has given me an in-depth idea about how to conduct a feasibility study for developing new career programs to attract new students, and make them more marketable and increase company's (schools') return on investment.

Now I know what are the do's and don'ts for a successful research.

In my opinion, the bottom line is, the employability of your graduates. A new career program will not be successful if the job market does not absorb the graduates upon graduation.

This course has prepared me to conduct a research to develop new programs and make necessary modifications to our existing programs.

We have adequate funds (Budget), human resources (staff/employees/instructors),and specialists/experts (Advisory board) who will be able to allocate time for the feasibility study for developing new career programs.

I believe, it will be great idea to conduct a WORKSHOP on RESEARCH METHODOLOGY for the people, who will be involved in the research.

S. I. Nusrat,

Thank YOU so your insights! And you are so right, gainful employment is the bottom line. Thanks for your participation!

Lisa Sharpe

I feel I am prepared. We have a good team on campus lots of experience to conduct research.


Great! Good for you. Research is important!

Lisa Sharpe

I would say we are about 80% ready. We already know what program our students want and now we are in the process of adding the program. Implementing the program into our institution and finding the right instructors are the only two things left.


Of course, as a college instructor myself, I think the faculty are the most important thing! However, facilities, classroom space, and so many other things need to be considered before a new program is implemented. Having just been through an accrediting process, faculty credentials are looked at very strictly.

Lisa Sharpe