The Influence of Student Traits

Absolutely, it really establishes the pace and interaction of the class. If they, as a group need additional assistance in a specific area the staff needs to recognize that but also stay on track for... >>>

Why Institutions Offer Online Courses and Programs

Institutions offer online courses and programs because they understand that the growth in continuing and/or professional education is an objective that their students can benefit... >>>

Determining Marketing Needs

The marketing needs at our institution were defined by the marketing department in partnership with staff, faculty, and students. The marketing department also tracks each campaign to measure... >>>

Determining Training Needs

The importance of identifying and following through with training necessary to make students, faculty, and staff comfortable with learning management systems, time management, and communication tools... >>>


How can an organization evaluate how marketing is translating to student... >>>

Grade books

What is the ultimate reason why students should not have access to grade... >>>

Online instructors

How can organizations successfully evaluate online instructor skills and... >>>

Online Planning

How can one successfully conduct an online course with limited online teaching... >>>

The Market Study: The first step

The Market Study or Marketing is a crucial aspect covering the entire social and cultural activities of Mankind. An institution, before begin to invest resources in Online courses must analize in... >>>

The Learning Management System

The most important part in the implementation of Online courses and programs is an effective Learning Management System, offered consciously to the instructors responsible for the different subjects.... >>>

How to prepare a teacher for online courses?

An online course requires specific abilities from the teacher attending the course.... >>>

Is retention a marker of a well- designed course?

if you see you are having good retention in one of your course , we should consider design, lab space, comfort, learning rapidity, learning quality, and others?... >>>

reduction of expenses on designing a course

which parameters do you try to modify to achieve cost... >>>

Online programs are proving efficient ways

Online programs are proving efficient ways of interaction with worldwide students and their diverse cultural... >>>

Online Courses

How can online programs be more efficient than on campus... >>>

Learning Management system

Importance of choosing an accurate learning management... >>>