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Using Available Data

What surveys does your institution have in place? How can you use the current data? What new surveys and other research techniques do you have to put in place to gather data to make informed decisions about program development?

We use Survey Monkey and now the Google online Consumer Survey software. With Google, participants can download a new app from Google called Google Opinion Rewards that lets them get free media content from Google Play by answering surveys. The credits for taking a survey will range from $0.25 to $1. Movies on Google Play start at $0.99. The credits are deposited into users' accounts.


I am impressed with your use of the new Google software. Much better perks! I have been involved in long-range strategic planning at the university as well as the career college level, and in my experience, long range strategic planning for new programs is often sadly shortsighted. I'm glad yours is is ore robust. Two weeks ago, I had a conversation with a university dean of an HLC accredited business school who had just received approval to offer a Master's in Educational technology. I was excited for him, and asked him how many new starts he had. His reply, "If Admissions can get me twenty starts by February, we can start the first cohort." I bit my tongue, but as you well know, that is not a good way to ensure long term program health. In my experience, colleges and universities rely far too heavily on demographics, surveys of current students, and BLA stats when they develop new programs. I'm glad you are utilizing new technologies to help assure program health long term.

Lisa Sharpe

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