Student Services

Student Service is my passion and the reason why I enrolled in this program. This module reinforced my beliefs about what student services should encompass to promote student... >>>

Five Year Plans

Does anyone have a good example of  a five year plan their department or institution has implemented. We are going into year four of our restructured department.  We have some great talent... >>>

Corrective actions

Does corrective actions always focus on the... >>>

Not for online institutions

This course is not for an online institution, I don't find anything that can be useful for... >>>

Advisory Boards

I have difficulty getting board members.  What are good strategies to recruit board... >>>

Hiring the right person

Often times, an applicant will wow you in the interview process. However, that can change once they are hired. I find many to be a bit lacksadasial, without any OOMPH or pizzazz like you saw in the... >>>

Length of new hire orientation

Does most schools have a set time length orientation?... >>>


How much do you weigh decision of a candidate on... >>>

Recruitment under a budget

What are some less costly and less time efficient?... >>>

Marketing and Budget Planning

Our staff has identified how to achieve best goals and planning other type of strategies of marketing. Our Admission Department is excellent and each day bring more students to our school. We are... >>>


Our school has implemented many Learning resources to help our students in the learning process. We are sure that they have the opportunity to participate in the forum with more dedication and the... >>>

Placement Services

I consider that Placement Services is the most important service that school has to offer to our students. Students need to be more confident to get better job opportunities. Our Placement team has to... >>>

questionnaire vs interview

Would picking each of these survey types over the other depend mostly in a situation, venue, or... >>>

Group orientation

Group orientation is not always the best choice, especially when you hire instructors for different... >>>

Changes in techniques

As a result of this module I will let the applicant talk more than I did... >>>


Most of my instructors were recommended by employees who had worked at other schools and knew of very good but unhappy... >>>

Instructor's Experience

In hiring a new Instructor for the Massage Therapist program I look for someone who has a minimum of three years experience working as a licensed Massage Therapist either in a Chiropractor's office,... >>>

Marketing plans should change

this was a good tidbit…what works now may not work later…this was helpful to hear... >>>

Good Library Tips

It was terrific getting tips on the type of material needed to have a library that is responsive to the student's... >>>

i never thought of it

until reading about certain student services offerings that were possible, i never thought about having guest speakers visit our campus - so thanks for... >>>