What You See Is Not Always What You Get

A job applicant's superb credentials and outstanding interviewing skills can lead to hiring a person who may not be as fabulous as you thought once they are on the job. In addition to knowledge and... >>>


I work at a distance learning school and often times it is hard to gauge how effective the orientation is since there are no in-person demonstrations or face-to-face discussions. What methods should... >>>


We have to conduct employment interviews over the phone. How important are facial expressions and body language during interviews? Is there anything we should do to compensate for not being able to... >>>

Ideal Student?

Taking into consideration that my institution is so specific,makeup and hairstyling for the media and entertainment industries and without trying to just accept the $$ of the student, how would you... >>>

Retention in the more "Creative" schools

As the Dir. of Career Services in a school that teaches make up and hair styling for the media and entertainment industry, I find it challenging to find ways to integrate key retention programs. The... >>>


Our school does not advertise. We have a very specific curriculum and students search us out on the internet. We participate in industry fairs and conventions, and part of our 5 year plan is to have... >>>


As discussed a school is measured by retention and placement results, but what can you do if a number of students after graduating just don't seem to have the drive to join that specific work force... >>>


How many of you require that an applicant send beforehand a written essay as part of the interviewing process?... >>>

Salary Compensation for Teachers

Well prepared teachers, with the best KSAO's, are the ideal. However, that requires compensating them accordingly. And, generally, teachers are not well-paid in most school districts in the USA. In... >>>

Learning Resource Center

Who should be involved in the development of a Learning Resource Center? How involved should students... >>>

Placement Department

We have students in our campus that reside in five different counties. What would be the best way to develop the Placement Department that could provide options to all?... >>>


Marketing strategies are important to have in place and I agree with the need for constant evaluation. Marketing can be very expensive and the evaluation allows to better distribute the funds... >>>

Board members

Dr. Roerich: What do you think about inviting graduates from school to be members of the advisory board? I think they can contribute with a different but importante perspective. They were school... >>>

Establishing a Board

Is it a good idea to make an needs assessment or ask recomendation from the faculty and other key personnel in the institution? The purpose of gathering this information is to be use in defining... >>>

Welcome Package for Advisory Board

Should the Welcome Package for an Advisory Board be similar to the one for the Governing... >>>

Developing a cultural diverse Advisory Board

How can I develop a manageable Advisory Board to combine the cultural background of our students as well as their community, when students reside in three different counties and come from numerous... >>>

Location of advisory board meeting

Is it better to have the advisory board meeting at the college, or is it better to meet in a restaurant? We have had all of the meetings in a restaurant and it is very difficult to accomplish... >>>

Attendees at the Advisory Board Meeting

Is it helpful to have lead instructors at an advisory board meeting? I have only one program.... >>>

"Library" facilities for schools without walls

Hello: I am both a member of the Board of Directors and an Adjunct Faculty member of a school which grants graduate degrees. Our model is to partner with companies and the military. We provide the... >>>

Accreditation Guidelines

Accreditation typically requires Advisory Boards to review program curriculum, facilities and equipment, and placement opportunities. How do you manage a advisory meeting for several programs while... >>>