Sticking with an ideal marketing strategy

Once you establish an ideal marketing strategy then it is best to stay with it.

The answer is false on the test but I feel you do stick with what works and keep looking for other markets but still sticking until outside forces affect the established strategy


The goal is to create a plan and put plans in place to measure progress, results, and trends. Evaluation should be the part of every plan. How are we doing? What needs to change? What needs to stay the same? Then make decisions based on facts. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz

I believe it is important to stay with what works but be very careful not to get comfortable with it as the climate can change quickly.

Maybe the watch word is - measure, measure, and then make changes based on data. We like to rely on data to give us clues about what to do. Of course that gets tricky as we might miss some important information. Marketing requires constant assessment and change. Surprisingly, from time to time, an old strategy works even when it didn't once before. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz

I agree the marketing strategies are always changing and you must have the marketing team and committee well involved in order to have the proper plans in place.

It is interesting about marketing - things always change. It is up to us to watch for changes in every way possible and analyze what has to be done to improve. Watching trends, surveys, and just asking people about how they heard about your school are some easy ways to see if your marketing it working. Thanks.

Dr. Susan Schulz