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A motivated team is doubly valuable

All the techniques required to implement motivation and autonomy in a team, must be implemented. A team that has a clear vision and also has the quality to self-regulate, is a team with which you want to work. But this should be constructed specifically by the team leader. It will never get your hands on a team as you dream. A team is a sum of personalities, actions, decisions and building their leader. Hence the importance of being a leader focused on a clearly defined vision

I agree. Having a great team that is willing to pull together and implement ideas and procedures in a team fashion is definitely key to success in the workplace. A good leader is only as good as his team!

yes, the importance of the vision & explaining the "why" of our existence as a team is vital & that falls to the leader.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

We need to be be motivated in order to motivate our students!  Trusting your team to do their part and providing positive feedback helps in motivation.

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