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Difficult Student in our Career Institute

I have this Student who is influencing my other students negatively. She is always tardy and whenever she is corrected privately she will yell at anybody that corrects her. She has problems with everybody in her class and all the teachers. The School has helped her financially to pay her rent. She comes to ask for more money and when we are unable to help she will find a way to disrupt the class. We have used both internal and external factors to motivate her but have been unsuccessful. Whenever she is absent she does not return our calls.

unfortunately it may be time for the institution to end its relationship with this student. I realize there are complications with this, but at what price is she being retained?

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

It does sound as if the school has done quite a bit to try to help this particular student who has brought a very poisonous and possibly contagious attitude into the school. This sort of attitude can be exhibited in the workplace as well. How the school's or business's leadership address this type of attitude will be observed by those directly involved in the situation and it will also be conveyed to those who are not involved. I would be interested to know if this attitude was present from the beginning or if it could be the result of an incident or policies that been changed.

Sounds like the student is using the school to get by without working for money to survive. There may be one of three things going on with her. (1) She has something mental/psychological going on (2)drugs or (3) she has no intention on becoming successful at this time and no respect for people who care about her. This could all be because of the environment she has at home and the company she keeps. Sounds like she needs guidance and a life skills intervention. I would not give up on her just yet, but cause and effect needs to happen soon before she turns the school into a self-destructing cancer.

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