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Promoted before Veteran Faculty, Challenges of Compliance

I am one of those stories of an instructor who "fell" into teaching by chance. I started out as an on-call substitute and less than 6 months later I'm the Academic Coordinator of all programs at a private college, bypassing Head Instructor.
I was able to attain the position due to my understanding and interpretation of accreditation standards. Having previous regulatory experience between Biopharmaceutical and FDA regulations, I was able to apply those skills in an academic setting. Unfortunately, I'm receiving resentment from veteran faculty. This course is helping me develop appropriate managerial skills in dealing with my relatively new position, but I'm looking for as much advice and guidance in dealing with the veteran faculty.
We've recently gained dual accreditation, and they think the changes in Policy & Procedure are coming from 'me" instead of the directive of maintaining compliance with accreditation standards. How can I change their perception? I understand the notion of "Don't make major changes too soon" but I did not have a choice in the matter.
All comments welcomed! Thanks in advance.

thank you for sharing your tough position. I'd start by having a "rally the troops" kind of meeting where you do everything possible to help them understand that these changes are coming from the dual accreditation situation rather than you. I would then do everything you can to show them you have their best interests in mind & try to stabilize the situation. There are many other thoughts I have, but too much to include in a forum post.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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