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Improving Team Communicaton

Many times we hear that communication is one of the biggest issues within any corporation at various levels of management. It is important that those individuals in position of higher management realize the effect that a wall of collapsed communication can have within the company. Many times it like a rumor, by the time it makes it to its destination so much has changed about it that you really don't know what to say or do.


What would you recommend to help change this situation?

Ron Obstfeld

Clear and informative communication directly between team leaders and the entire team solves a lot of problems. A lot of times leaders are not clear about what the teams objectives are and this creates a lot of problems.

Team communication is important on many levels. Direct reports need to know what is expected and they need to know how they are performing. Improving communication on a team can improve when leadership is effective and understands the symptoms of poor communication. When team members don't communicate constructively a team cannot move toward their goals. The biggest challenge is interpreting the systems and then taking action. What are some ways to take action.

I would recommend regularly scheduled update meetings/presentations so team members can report on project status and barriers. An open discussion can yield new and innovative ideas to move goals forward.

Ron Obstfeld

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