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Leading and Motivating

This course helped me to fully understand the difference between a manager and a leader. Now I can move forward in my new position and guide my team in the right direction.

I agree. I see how important it is to be both a leader and Manager. I have done well at leading but at times struggle with the Managing part. This has helped me see ways that I can improve what I am doing.

I agree that this class defined the differences between management and leadership for someone such as myself whose professional life combines both roles daily. The class helped me to separate in my mind the necessary characteristics required of both, and helped me to decide which aspects of my work life were management, versus leadership when in the past I have not done so - I have blended them together conceptually and "logistically". I took a look at my daily agenda, work flow, short-term and long-term goals and aspirations for my role and clinic and listed them under either management and leadership. I looked at the amount of time and emphasis placed upon each skill set, and decided where I was getting bogged down. I feel it is important to evaluate how we spend our time, and to decide if it is significant or urgent, and can we allocate/delegate tasks to keep the vision, motivation, and team moving forward when we tend to get mired in management and day to day operations. Vision is crucial, and I am now committed to drawing up a visual vision plan with my team so that we can discuss, plan, and implement our future initiatives so that we are all managing the process to get where we need and want to be. I want to teach my team to be leaders within their role, and to manage more so that I can keep my mind open to new directions.

Congrats on the new position, Stacie. I had an opportunity as I studied for my BS in business admin the difference between a manager and a leader. However, I was still able to take away more from this class. Managers tend to deal more with coping with complexity while leaders cope more with the change. I also like how the study explains that leadership can be learned and developed. Many people think leaders are naturally born - which isn't correct. 


Yes, the difference between management and leadership was well defined within this course. I too will take away a lot of great points to help in my daily role.  We can now take this information and improve both our management and leadership styles.


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