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Different Assessment Tools

I think that there should be many different assessment tools in a classroom. For example, students need to write papers (even though they don't want to)to give them experience in written communications in the business world. Also, multiple choice quizzes on the course content give instant feedback to the student since they can be arranged to be computer graded. The discussion board allows students to communicate in a written form and respond to others. This is important practice for the student to learn how to communicate to others in a more formal way than just e-mail. Lastly, at least one… >>>

Authentic Assessment

How do we insure that online courses provide measurable objectives and framework for authentic assessment?

Summative Assessment

What kind of feedback would you provide in a summative assessment? Austin


How can one determine the other effectiveness of a rubric?

Authentic Assessments

In our curriculum authentic assessments are the most important evaluation tool that we have. The students need feedback as to their ability to perform exercises, teach exercises, modify and progress exercises, and also connect with a potential client. The on-line environment has created many challenges, but we are learning to use technology more effectively. For example having the students record themselves demonstarting exercises and then submitting recordings. Does anyone have any suggestions as to alternatives for authentic assessments for a fitness-based curriculum? Best practices?

Involving Students

Should involving students in the development of rubrics be a consistent activity or can you decide based on the class whether to involve students or not?

Building a Rubric

What are the levels of details that you include in your Rubric?

Benefits of Rubrics

I am trying to get my staff to use more rubrics however they think that I am adding paperwork. I hope that they will see the light once they start to use them.


When do Rubrics become too cumbersome?

Online Learning Environment

When assessing the use of technology assessment tools in an online learning environment, what do you believe are the three most important things to consider? I would say that the most important things to consider in the online environment and assessment are first, make sure that you are assessing on what is being taught. I have noticed that often the assessment doesn't match the curriculum and have been able to help change a few courses so that it lines up and matches what is being learned. Next, I would say that you need to make sure that the students have… >>>

New Idea

I will be using more reubrics now that I know what it does.

Stressed Out

Rubrics comes in handy if you have a list of things you need the student to do for one project.


Are rubrics always necessary and if so, when should the students be involved? Terry


I have never used an online rubric generator do they really work well? Tery


I am not sure how well Self-assessment or peer-assessments work. What is everyone elses feeling on these? Terry

Types of Rubrics

I never realized that there were different types of rubrics. I thought they were all the same, but now I understand how they are different. Terry

Course Revision Assessment

Wouldn't it be valuable to both students and teachers alike if students were handed Pre-course assessments asking them what they want to learn from the course?

Objective Evaluations Vs. Subjective Evaluations

Which one do you think is better for assessing students knowledge of the course material?

Any good technology assessment tools for specialized science/math

I feel most of the assessment tools discussed here are oriented more towards general studies or introductory science or math courses. What about the tools for more advanced / specialized courses? It seems that we still have to do the assessment mostly manually.

Authentic Assessments

Yes, I have used Authentic Assessments. I find them refreshing and they make the connection with real-live experiences. This makes the course relevant and it carries learning beyond the classroom. I also find that the authenticity allows what is learned to be remembered longer. I believe this is because it has a basis in reality and not hypothesis, theories, or abstraction.