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Leading the Horse to Water - Rubrics ?

While much of accounting, which I teach online, involves solving specific problems with specific solutions, I also have essay and/or formal APA paper assignments for the learners to complete. For these, I prepare and post the rubrics at the same time the assignment becomes available for the learners. I'm bumfuzzled that the learners ignore the rubrics altogether. I have the distinct impression that the rubrics are not reviewed until I incorporate the rubric into the assignment and return it to the learner and even then, sometimes, I must tell them to look at the rubric which shows exactly where they… >>>

Diagnostic Assessment s

While diagnostic assessments precede and impact formative assessments, I have mixed feelings about them and whether I should know the results of the diagnostic assessments. I facilitate primarily upper level and graduate courses in accounting - a subject that clearly builds on itself. From that perspective, it is imperative that the foundations be sufficiently understood and applied or the learner will not be successful in my classes. Given this as my diagnostic assessment, I rely on the successful completion of certain prerequisites, depending on the basics underlying my class. I do not find it necessary to know the exact grade,… >>>


How do you involve the students in creating a rubrics?


Do you find rubrics are beneficial when different people are rating? I can submit the same thing and 2 different people with grade differently.

Authentic Assessment

Yes, when I taught an advertising class, students had to develop ad campaigns for television, radio and print media. These became a part of their student portfolio.


Soemtimes writing a course so that it correctly reflects what a student should learn is challening. That is why it is crucial that tasks associated with courses are not just items created for the purpose of assigning grades. They must directly reflect of what students should have gained understanding.

Assessment Tools

It is so important for students to demonstrate their understanding of a course, especially when the course is a prereq to another course. Regardless, classes should have some sor tof end assessment to determine if the student has the learning necessary to be proficient in the course topic.

Objective and Subjective

We use objective quizes for weekly "Spot checks" of students learning levels. These tests are a mix of true/false and multiple choice questions.Out course final is subjective, essay answers to gauge students understanding of material being taught.

Formative vs Evaluation

Formative assessment is very important. It lets you know whether or not the group needs every basic detail of an operation. If they are more experienced,they may require the main steps to achieve an objective. Evaluation is to test them on operations required to complete the course.

Just begining

We are using technology as part of a hands on course.Our students use our manufactuer based web site to gain information needed to complete an in class lab. exercise. These lab exercises are all assessment based on over all performance.

Using Rubrics

I looked on line some time ago for examples of rubrics. I found that it gave the students good feedback if the rubric is well-done. Using the rubric does not leave a question in the student's mind about the score because each area, weak or strong, is assessed well in the rubric.

Summative assessments - good or bad?

With summative assessments, students are evaluated upon completion of the work. Students focus is on the final product. With formative assessments, students are evaluated during the work process. They focus is on improving the process. One of the dreaded high school "state tests" would be a summative assessment. There is some controversy over their value. What else could we use to measure students in a meaningful way? Ms. Cressman

Experential Learning

Many colleges and universities have addressed experiential learning through pre-assessments by allowing students to complete a challenging exam. There has been a rise by many of these same colleges universities to take a specific course that allows students to build their portfolio challenging a specific number of credit courses based on their knowledge and previous work life experiences. WebQuest, in particular, is very useful in assessing the students knowledge and skills; wherein, evaluation and feedback is given to student to help in transformative learning. Ultimately, students will gain a better understanding of how and where they need to focus their… >>>

Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessments include portfolios, performance, and observations. How have you used authentic assessment in your online course? I have used portfolios in my online classes. This has worked well. Students were asked to create portfolios based on content material learned during the course of an entire class.


In many of my courses the evaluations are already embedded within the course. However, they are generally the objective form of evaluation, along with a combination of subjective evaluation. Evaluations are provided on a weekly basis.

Summative Assessments

Summative assessments allow students a chance to see how well they learned the material at the end of a lesson, course, etc. This can be sort of a wake-up call for students if they are not doing well. It can provide a look into areas where improvement is needed. It is important to ensure the material is thoroughly covered to give students a fair chance at performing well. It is also important to provide students with feedback.

Objective Assessments

I really like the use of objective assessments. It simplifies the information for the students. I teach a lot of medical terminology courses and this helps student with the thousands of terms that they have to learn on a monthly basis. Letrice Mitchell

Before and After Assessments

I think that students should take assessments before a course begins and at the end as well. This gives the student an idea of what the course will entail and while taking the course they will be reminded of that question that may have been missed. Mrs. Mitchell

Should we use subjective written communication more?

It seems that we generally give objective tests to students in the lower level classes and more subjective tests as the classes progress to the graduate level courses. Is this appropriate? Or should lower level classes also be expected to communicate in writing on subjective tests? What if the student does not go on for graduate level classes? Have we done an injustice to the student by not "forcing" the student to communicate in writing? I use the word "forcing" because students do not want to write papers. Although I am a CPA and deal a lot with numbers, business… >>>

Grading Rubrics

Why are grading rubrics important to have for all types of grading assessments?