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The best rubric

what is the best kind of rubric to use when checking a paragraph, Holistic or  Generic?

Rubric as a tool

It is  difficult to check an essay or a paragraph without a rubric; in the rubric you can post what you want  the students to have in their works ;if you want them to write 10 compound sentences it is what you are going to grade and value, the rubric is a guide and reflects the weaknesses and strengths of a finished product.  

Editable Rubrics

What is the best website that has editable rubrics? 

Evolution of a Rubric

The college I currently teach at has rubrics established by an outside body.  The problem that I've had is aligning the assignment criteria with the rubric.  For example, the assignment guidelines (also established by an outside body) will state that outside resources are strongly recommended but not required.  The rubric requires outside resources to obtain the full credit for supporting details.  It can be very confusing to students. 

very detailed and positive review of assessment

Great content for all educators

Technology Keeping Up

I remember when I was a elementary school teacher and a computer was placed in my room. It was a new toy and I had to learn how to utilize it along with classroom instruciton. Now if you are not able to keep up with technology, it is very diffcult to remain in the classroom. Working at Brookline has made me use technology more than my normal comfort zone but it has made me a much better instructor.

Online assessment tools

I will have to admit, online assessment tools have become plentiful and varied.  I have been out of the classroom for three years now and seem to have fallen behind in the latest technology.  I have used Rubistar, SurveyMonkey, ExamView, and Moodle.  There are so many more options I would have love to have when I was teaching.  Socrative looks very appealing.  Has anyone used it?

Assessing online learning

I hope to start using the skills I learned from this course immediatly. I hope that my students can gain from my new found skills of online assessment.

Assessing Online Learning

I am learning quite a bit from these Max Knowledge courses. I never knew there were so many objectives.

Assessing Online Learning

How do others handle a student who does not look at their online course content?

Assessing Online Learning

I find that when I am assessing a students learning when they are in an onlien course, i must veiw their activity with the material to truly believe whther the student just did not study the material or if they really did not understand it.


Access to final quiz

Rubric Disadvantages

What are some disadvantages to the development and use of rubrics?


Going to look into this some more.

Diagonistic assesments

I often find that these tests are great measures of what needs to be emphasised as we move through the course, as they point out student weaknesses

Using rubrics

There was a lot of useful information, but the questions were tricky. Will go through the material again to learn more. It was one of the most difficult material to grasp for online classes.

Various courses, various rubrics...

Most of the courses I teach have a subjective element to them (viscomm, for those I much prefer a very loose rubric. Perhaps splitting the total points into 3 or 4 sections with the overall assignment parameters, allowing quite a bit of subjectivity and preventing students 'checking the boxes'. On the flip side though, for scripting/programming or IT related courses, rubrics are great and the more detailed the better; in those cases, 1+1 doesn't equal blue, like in viscomm, but 1+1 equals 2 and the rubrics speed grading where subjectivity doesn't come into play. That said, I've been in both… >>>

What to include

I have been using rubrics on assignments for years. But, recently I have had a number of strange issues. For example, in a recent assignment the students were to build a PowerPoint of 6 to 8 slides. I included in the assignment points for meeting the required length but I did not think any students would miss the part about doing a PowerPoint. I had one student turn in a paper in word. Because my rubric only gave a few points for required length the student ended up with a B on the assignment because they covered the topics in… >>>

Alternative Assessment

This was interesting to note this is the best for online environment. I like that it focuses on the student, too. With the online school I adjunct, the student is our focus. There are numerous assessments for the students in order for the school to provide the best educational opportunities for the student. I now understand the assessment process better having learned more about the Alternative assessment.


I totally agree that feedback needs to be given with diagnostic testing. In the English Department we give a pre-grammar test. This test gives the students a general idea of their strengths and weaknesses. I go over the answers in class and give a study sheet that reviews those areas of weakness. It is a great assessment for the students.