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FERPA Compliance | Origin: CM141

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FERPA and Privacy: A Practical Approach --> FERPA Compliance

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned the importance of understanding in complete detail the policies and procedures with request to the release of student data.  This includes a full understanding of all aspects of record release, e.g. release of records to parents, exceptions, managing requests for directory information and those that do not include directory information and school ID badges for students.  The way that I would apply this information is to move purposely and carefully when presented a request and to check the policy to ensure that any information I am releasing is within the policies of FERPA.

I have learned how important it is to understand what can and can not be released and what are the exceptions.  I would apply this information by checking the policy and asking questions if I am unsure what information, if any can be released withing FERPA.

Each institution needs to clearly understand exactly what can be released about a student in order to stay in compliance. The guidelines are very specific about the policies and procedures. 

FERPA Compliance can be confusing.  Therefore, reviewing this information regularly is important.  Having a resource on campus would also be beneficial in upholding these requirements.

FERPA compliance is an important process that will help protect both the student and an institution. Understanding what can and cannot be shared in terms of information is equally as important.

I learned  the importance, understanding the policies and procedures in how to process and share FERPA.

Prior to this program, my knowledge of Féria was very limited.

I have learned educational records can be released to parents if the student is deemed as dependent by the IRS, written consent or  by alcohol/drug use. So when speaking with a student about the privacy of the record I will now know what to say. 


I had to get use to the FERPA laws when it came to posting grades. When I was in schools, many moons ago, and grades were posted is was like a competition. Students wanted to always be at the top of the list. I now see how visibly posting students grades can be a violation of their rights.

I Like Knowing that The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) has published several sample forms that can be utilized for various types of release authorizations.

It is important that a student’s privacy is maintained. Requests for personal information from a third party is not something that educators should partake in. If a third party needs to access a student’s personal information for a compelling legal reason this request should be handled by the campus administrators.

This module taught me more detailed information of when a students records can be accessed for legal purposes, and the proceedures needed to obtain students records. 

Parents can view their child's records if the child is considered a dependent.  Also, directory information may be shared without the student's consent, so it's important for the student to review this every year.


This module has clearly outlined that some of the most simpliest of information is protected and as such should be treated with sensitivity.

Document everything and keep it secure to try to protect everyone in this process.

Parents can assess student reords without student written request if they are listed as a dependent by the IRS.  Alcohol and illegal drug use infomation can also be released to parents of students under age 21


During this course I learned what I can and cannot do regarding students information. This was a great course with lots of vauable information.

I know (and it was made clear in this section) to be uber careful with student information.  I would rather be too careful, especially when it come to information released to parents.  There was some IRS dependancy info in the lesson, but I just think some colleges handle this differently.  Maybe stricter rules, to be safe.


Understanding the policies of FERPA is a necessary issue. We have to have an understanding of the magnitude of the rules FERPA puts on our Company and employees.

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