FERPA Compliance | Origin: CM141

Very important to know  the FERPA guidelines  to respect  confidentiality of  students's  record and information. 

This course clearly outlines and defines what our responsibilities are and allowing the students to have an important role in the release of their information. I intend to handle students data as best as the FERPA would allow.  Consider PII before sharing the data.


Veronica Rose

do not share  or disclose student information without permission


I have learned who to share and disclose student records to and for what reasons. It is best to inform or notify the student if records are to be released to outside entities that are not within the institution. 



This section helps me understand how to manage students' records under the FERPA law.

I learned that the educational institution requires consent from the student to share their personal information if the rationae for the educational interest of the official asking is not evident. 


great information

I learned that it is important to always keep students information private. 


From this module, I have gained a better understanding of what is considered legitimate educational interest as well as who is considered an official. I will apply this information by not automatically assuming that a faculty member or other instituiton employee should have access to a student's record.

Student Academic record cannot be released to unauthorized person without the student's written permission. Next, familiy members may not come forward to request Academic record of their ward at will. One important note is that based on FERPA provisions, students have express right to their Academic Record upon request.


I have learned  the significance of understanding the policies and procedures of FERPA.


Comply with the standard.

Good information.

It is essential to understand and apply the details and participate in remaining current in the regulations


The additional ways (best practices) that a school opts-in order to protect their student's privacy.

A policy should be articulated to address and guide what information to collect, stord, and share with the owners(students), the University, and any third party to protect the students rights of privacy.

This module covered the legal requirements and guidelines for the disclosure of student records.  It was informative to understand how universities comply with the annual requirements and meet the requirements for individual requests. It was interesting to see the overlap between personal identifiable information (PII) and Directory information. I can see why some students may opt-out due to privacy concerns.  Honoring these choices are important to helping the student feel safe and respecting their rights. 


UNderstanding of the role of best practices and when information can and cannot be disclosed 


enjoying the training.

I learned what can and cannot be released, and under what circumstances.  Interesting exceptions apply as well.