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Sheila Heinert

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Many accommodations which are made affect people/students with disabilities and many others.  There are many accommodations which are easily implemented.  Being aware of who your students are and any disabilities they may have will aid in implementing these accommadations earlier rather than later.

This section of this module gave much insight as to how to help students with disabilities and a great reminder to look at the individual and what their needs are specifically, not at the diagnosis!

Accommodating students with disabilities is required by higher learning institutions.  The student is involved in these actions by providing information of their disability and then also by suggesting necessary accommodations.

The part of this section that I can appreciate relates to online discussions, grade review, etc.

There are many aspects to FERPA.  Some of the identifiers and confidential information is similar to those regulations of HIPPA and working in a hospital setting.

FERPA Compliance can be confusing.  Therefore, reviewing this information regularly is important.  Having a resource on campus would also be beneficial in upholding these requirements.

Training and education on FERPA is very important!  I will be going through proper channels and not "assuming" someone requesting info is legit!

There are many state and federal regulations for communication compliance.  Students and potential students have the right to be informed of many aspects of an institution through a variety of communication venues.

Institutions may not deceive prospective students.  Institutions may not promise additional certifications, exams, jobs, etc.  Limitations on prospective student conversations, etc. must be upheld.

Students who have attended other institutions are able to transfer credits to the current one.  However, most institutions require that you have a certain number of credits from the one a student is graduating from.

There was alot of important information in this segment!  It is important to be honest and uphold federal and state standards by not misrepresenting an institution to others, including prospective students, faculty, and staff.  There are fines associated with misrepresentation.  Misrepresentation can be done in person, through email, through telephone calls, etc.  If a student requests not be be called or to receive emails, it is important to follow their wishes.


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