Karen Greene

Karen Greene

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Inattentive students has always been an issue when we taught in the classroom.  Now with online teaching I am finding the problem to be expediental.  This term since October, I have had the highest failure rate.  I think students are having a hard time managing their time and staying focused.  Any suggestions?

My students seem to be obsessed with their grades even though they see what I see.  My institutio does not have extra credit which I agree with as students can bump up a grade.

Don’t assume that all your students have the same abilities or prerequisites.r  Pay attention to the students participation and attentiveness.  Always have a plan B or be able to “shake it up”.

There is more to powerpoints than just filling up a slide.

Preparing for class shows your students that you respect them and their time.  It also shows them that you are prepared to teach them.

This segment was interesting and informative.  I don’t make my own tests as the program uses standardized tests.  I was interesting to learn what questions actually tested what type of knowledge.

I learned about the components that make up the learning process; the tools educators can use to evaluate learning and the importance of setting goals and guidelines prior to the use of the evaluation tool.

Learning is just not talking to the class.  Participation by students asking questions facilitates learning.

I think it’s fascinating how students learn in different ways and that learning is hastened when the students style is used.

As a nurse, I see many similarities to Hippa (privacy protection for patients) and Ferpa to student privacy.

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