FERPA Compliance | Origin: CM141

 I understood the FERPA compliance is especially important process that will help protect both the student and an organization.

Understanding details of the FEPRA is very confusing and complicated!  

I think I understand better FERPA and protect my student's records.

i have learned the steps to take should a parent request or what to record if release is permitted


I did not know that parents can view their child's information if their child is under 21 and has extenuating circumstances like an alcohol or drug issue.

I learned that as an instructor, I should only be accessing student information as it applies to my teaching or course.  I also learned if we have an audit or accreditation, like we are now, that ECPI is required to put a notification in each student file stating information was shared, with who, why, how,when and for what purpose.


Ferpa compliance is kinda close to Hippa compliance in ways.

Establish a clear procedure for students and intituation officials and follow the best practice. 

THe importance of following best practice guidelines and understanding FERPA laws. 

Policies and Procedures for FERPA are complex; I learned students can permit their parents to access records as well as employers but there must be documentation stating as such.


When in doubt, it is always necessary to be cautious and to not release student educational records without  notifying the student about the disclosure.

Agian, there is detailed information with applied rules and guidelines along with exceptions - All of which all stakeholders need to maintain a clear knowledge of.

 A fine review of the specifics or FERPA and its administration at the institutional level.


Students must be given the opportunity to request that Directory Information not be released.

Hello all, 

In this module i have learned that students must receive notification of this information at least annually, but the distribution method is not specified. Institutions may include it with registration materials, incorporate into a student handbook or other publication, or send via email or regular mail.  I also have learned that the Directory Information is established by the institution and may include items generally not considered sensitive including:

FERPA is a confusing policy, however common sense has kept me in inline with the FERPA laws. I found by asking myself what I want to be disclosed and what I do not want disclosed for myself will keep me within the FERPA laws. It helps when the school you work for keeps you informed of the changing laws.


Very cautious approuch.

I learned how important MOTIVES are for record seeking. If the desire is to legitmately assist a student and you need to look at other records (for classes, for example) then there could be cause; just to see how they do as a student isn't a valid reason. 


I will continue to diligently protect the private information of my students by handling this data with care.


Great care must be given if and when information is given out.