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Judy Whitehill

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I am a retired insturctor still teaching online classes for two institutions. 


teaching, quilting, knitting, baking and cooking


leadership, communication


I learned about Value Added Assessment and the difference between Alternative and Authentic Assessment.


What I learned most from this section was the difference between norm and criterion referrenced assessments. 



 I have learned the different types of formative and summative assessments. I have also learned the difference between assessing and evaluating. 

I have learned how to use technology for evaluation and how to assess the effectivness of technolgy tools. 


The tips provided on how to build a rubric will be very helpful. 

I have learned how important 'Learner Centered' assessment is. 

I have been using rubrics for quite some time; however, this class is going to help me make even better rubrics. So far we have learned about the different types of rubrics and thier advantages and disadvantages. 

Thankfully, our online students cannot remain anonymous in our threaded discussions.  It makes sense that it would be like a discussion in a traditional classroom.  

Reply to Joyce Hladky's post:Joyce, I taught at a college for 30 years and have not had such an extensive training as this. The extensive informatoin that we are learning should be required for a new employee upon hiring.  


I  learned that records obtained after a person is no longer a student, as long as they are not related to that student's attendance of the instutution, are not protected under FERPA.

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