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Harold Ortiz

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It is important for colleges and universities to be upfront and honest with information for prospective students. Lying, misleading and making promises that are not possible puts the employee and college at risk.

My understanding from this section is to follow all rules and compliance standards set by the instituion especially when it comes to students and keeping the institution open. Staying honest and not lying or embellishing information is vital to the success of a college/university.

This section introduced me to other important topics other than FERPA like HIPAA, the Solomon Amendment, the U.S. Patriot Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act and SEVIS.  This truly shows how important protecting student information is regardless if the student is on campus or online.

FERPA has so many different aspects to it that it is important for everyone that works with students to know exactly what can and cannot be shared for information.

FERPA compliance is an important process that will help protect both the student and an institution. Understanding what can and cannot be shared in terms of information is equally as important.

My biggest takeaway is that any notes that are made about the student AND are including in the student record/file is information that can be shared with student. It is important to remember that ANY information in the student file can also be viewed by the sudent.

My biggest takeway is how consent is defined. It needs to be a very CLEAR understanding between two adults and consent needs to be explicit and not assumed.

It is important to note that any Title IX offenses that may have been reported to the police, the situation must also be investigated by the Title IX coordinator even if it occured on campus or off campus.  These are two seperate situations that have to be done.  A student does not have to report an offense to police but the student should be encouraged to report it for police investigation purposes.

The Title IX coordinator has a very important job. Not only are they responsible for being the main point of contact on any Title IX violations but also be the person responsible to coordinate the necessary trainings to all staff and faculty. 


I have worked in previous institutions and have had Title IX training in the past and I have to admit this was a very detailed explanation on why Title IX exists. Title IX exists to help protect students from any unwanted situations that may jeopardize their personal well being. Im glad this exists to help protect ALL kinds of students regardless of race, gender, orientation, traditional or online. 


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