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I was surprised to hear that section IX was enacted in 1972- that is uplifting our industry.  I am glad we continue to revise the standards with modern times.


the Title IX rule was effective on 8/14/20 in order to create a specific process for istitutions of higher education to anage complaints under the rules of sexual harassment ... specifically on campus.  It protects, student and employees as well.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, ect. Sexual violence is a subset of sexual harassment such as dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. 

Title IX ensures each institution sets up policy to cover the above mentioned.  The institution must adopt and publish grievance procedurs and a policy to take action once a complaint has been filed.


Reply to Harold Ortiz's post:

I agree with Harold's comment on the Title IX training, this was very detailed and informative.  It was also interesting to learn about VAWA and how it relates to Title IX.  I also agree that this is needed for the safety and wellbeing of all students and employees to protect their rights regardless of race, gender, gender identity in both traditional and online programs.   


Great Responses

The course material is very informative and helpful.

Reply to Judy Whitehill's post:  So true, in fact it, it seems in some ways more relevant in an online setting where the assumption is often that online makes all processes easier when not all students are equal in their technicalogiacal saavy or they may be psychologically removed from peers.   A person online could easliy feel vunerable and unsupported and avoid reporting incidents of discrimination.  It is crittical for instrutors providing online material to be familiar with how Title IX works so that they can be effective for their insitution and a resource to students.  

Title IX was inacted to protect students, employees, or anyone from being discriminated against based on gender identity.  As an online instructor, we may not be aware of a student's sexual or gender identity but would still follow the law. 

I believe IX exists to help protect students from any unwanted situations that may jeopardize their personal well being

I learned that the Clery Act was was named after Jeanne Clery and her parents started it after her death as a lobbying effort to improve campus safety.  I think this is a great idea because campuses can always be safer and anything we can help to do to create a safer environment the better!

Is important to understand your campus policy

I wasn't fully aware of the history of title IX (other than sports) so seeing how it's evolved (and will continue to) was interesting. It's an important role at our institutions and having thorough annual training is important. 

I teach at Los Angeles Community College District, the largest CC District in the USA, and have taken Title IX training through my work there.

Browsing through the material provided here, I had a refresher on why Title IX is so important for the future and safety of those who work, teach and study in a higher education institute.

Title IX provides support and legal reporting for anyone discriminated against based on sex, gender, ethnicity, and nationality.

It provides support, especially for women from sex-based crimes against them, and protection for future women workers and students from these crimes. As a female advocate, I am grateful for Title IX and the Cleary act.

Title IX provides an understanding, support, and legal reporting for anyone that is discriminated against based on sex, gender, ethnicity, and nationality.

I think that this is very important to understand to ensure that this is not happening in the workplace or school.  If this should occur, a person should understand that reporting is necessary if an allegation is made and for the allegation to be investigated promptly.

How important the Title IX awareness and training is to all and annual updates. One can never get to complacent in this day and age. 

Title IX and VAWA both exist to allow both students and faculty/staff to learn and work in an environment free from harassment and/or violence.  I am glad that these are in place and designed to allow people to be able to learn and/or work in an environment regardless of their race, gender, orientation, and nationality.

Comment on Vern Fryberger's post:  Title IX and VAWA is to guarantee equal right under the law and that institutions are mandated to be in compliance with the law in protect all from sexual misconduct whether intended or not.

Comment on Sheila Heinert's post: Title IX is an eye opening issue and I agree with Sheila that it was informative.

This was a very detailed and easy to under description of Title IX/Clery/VAWA. While I have been a Title IX Coordinator for many years, the information provided, including the excellent template examples will greatly assist me in further revisions at my institution. 

Through this course I learned that the Clery Act requires all schools to disclose information about crime statistics on college campuses. This is a great tool for any parent that is looking to send their child to college. As a parent, I would want to research crime statistics of the prospective college to better understand how well crime prevention is taken care of.

I learned about the details of Title IX. As a parent of a college student, I am grateful for these laws. 

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