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Nearly a decade of highly diversified teaching experience at the community college level in the English and Workforce Development Divisions. Highly experienced in teaching composition, reading, critical thinking, debate and how to embed a liberal arts curriculum with entrepreneurial concepts. Specialized in teaching writing. An emphasis on writing for different genres, with a focus on research. A structuralist when it comes to organizing content in composition classes and for workforce development readiness classes. An expert in creating contextualized classes that meet the needs of a diverse population while adhering to Student Learning Outcomes. Ability to conduct both face to face classes as well as online classes.


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humanities: reading, writing, speaking, entrepreneurship


writer, poet, debater


Be tactful when finding out if a student has a disability.

Closed captioning of videoes is giving access to a whole host of people, not only those who have a disability, and so it should be incorporated as much as possible.

How will the use of AI help a student with a disability?

PTSD should not only be limited to military students who have participated in active war duties but also to students who have experienced gun violence in their schools.

You might find this article helpful:


What strategies have you used in your classroom when a student has behavioral issues?

Describe the behavior and then give a strategy you utilized successfully. 


Access to opportunities must be created for all students - but what do you do when a student has a behavioral disability? I once had a student who could not sit still and would speak up every 5 mins and had a nervous tic. and jerky movements.

The modification I made was to teach him the acronym WAIT - Why Am I Talking? and ask him to write his questions or comments down, and we would spend 5 mins after class going over what was written rather than have him talking (or yelling) out every five mins.

I found this YouTube video useful in learning more about FERPA



Only with written permission form a student can an instructor post student images or work on his or her social media.

After a student is deceased, PERPA rules do not apply, and anyone can access that student's record.

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