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Fatema Baldiwla

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Curriculum Entrepreneur

Nearly a decade of highly diversified teaching experience at the community college level in the English and Workforce Development Divisions. Highly experienced in teaching composition, reading, critical thinking, debate and how to embed a liberal arts curriculum with entrepreneurial concepts. Specialized in teaching writing. An emphasis on writing for different genres, with a focus on research. A structuralist when it comes to organizing content in composition classes and for workforce development readiness classes. An expert in creating contextualized classes that meet the needs of a diverse population while adhering to Student Learning Outcomes. Ability to conduct both face to face classes as well as online classes.


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humanities: reading, writing, speaking, entrepreneurship


writer, poet, debater


What are some methods you have utilized to assess a student's learning without actually giving a grade that measures it or requires a rubric to be utilized for grading?

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) is the nation’s leading organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship through community colleges. The association represents 300+ community and technical colleges and more than 2,500 faculty, staff, administrators, and presidents who serve over four million students.

Our Mission

NACCE provides leadership and sustainable, scalable resources to foster entrepreneurial thinking and action in one of the largest entrepreneurial ecosystems in North America.


Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurial leadership and teaching across disciplines is essential for colleges, students and communities to thrive.


Our Vision

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Variety is the spice of life! Vary your lesson delivery.

Reply to Jennifer McNamara's post: Or if you have 100+ students, having a checklist helps to give personalized feedback, when referring to them in class.

Having my own course design is important because I can scaffold when needed, add relevant material as I go along, and enhance with outside guest speakers, and sources.

Reply to Alexis Alanis's post: Yes, I related to this too. As a professional writer who shares her writing, I get comments like "don't expect us to write like you!" or "we cannot live up to your high standards." - so yes, I need to be more humble. Maybe talk bout my journey to publishing and the pitfalls I encountered and the process.

Be authentic. You are who you are - and show your passion and care for what you teach and how you teach it. Be creative, be animated, yet be professional at all times.

Introductions are very important and help students feel more welcome and less nervous.

The importance of a syllabus and establishing the learning objectives and goals for students.

That everything is a learning experience and that in the classroom leadership qualities should be shown through example and practice rather than authority.

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