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It only makes sense that the person who is holding the Title IX position should not hold another position that would be in conflict of interest if something were to occur. Sexually based crimes and offenses are very traumatic and should not be taken lightly. 

This gave very good detail and clear cut policy on Title IX. 

This information was very informative.

Having someone in-house is ideal for Title IX Coordinator as long as it doesn't have conflicting interests (IE: Dean Of Student Affairs).

Even though the students and employees are rigorously trained on TITLE IX, I found several issues when it comes to reports: confidentiality, bystander effect, and unreported cases.

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i am so glad that Title IX exists. keeping students and employees safe is so important because as noted, a lot of terrible things can happen on campuses. i believe in fairness and giving people of all genders and race an opportunity to learn, grow into their highest potential to help shape and change our society in a greater way.


students are protected with Title IX.

March 8, 2024 we are celebrating Women's Day. 

VAWA was signed into law 2013, which is eleven years today. 

As we celebrate another Women's Day, we can not ignore violets towards women all over the globe. 


Title IX and VAWA is helping to impact violets against women but needs more impact from Media coverages and Government Policies by using these outlets to cover acts of violets which is continued today  against women. 

From this module, I have learned the importance of knowing my role and responsibilities as an instructor in ensuring the protection of ALL students and members of the institution as it relates to Title IX and VAWA.

IX protects student and facility 

Some of the protections were just signed within the last 10-12 years. All prevention programming,  must include training on all of the institution’s policies and procedures for reporting and responding to VAWA crimes

This course is preparing us to become a better workers around the campus and have that knowledge to teach our students to a higher level and in a safe place and maner.

Title IX training was put into action in order for all of us employees to become more aware of any kind of abuse or discrimination based on gender. We also know our legal obligations when it comes to how to report abuse and what to do if we see it happening to a friend or coworker.

Very detailed explanations. School are obligated to report when the have actual knowledge of an incident or assault.

Very interesting section

I found learning about VAWA really insightful and how it aligns with the Clery Act to ensure schools publish their reports. As a mother of two college students, it is something I would check now to make sure my kids are going to a school that is safer and with lower reports of reported VAWA crimes.

The review of Title IX, VAWA and the Clery Act has been very informative.  While we teach in an online environment, we still need to know of all the regulations, policies, and procedures. 


Title IX and VAWA are very important topics because they help protect organizations and students. I have learned about these topics many times in the past, but I am glad the information was provided again. Discrimination of any kind is never welcome in the workplace. I highly value company culture and making sure it is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone is imperative. 

I enjoyed learning about how religion and national origin are also included in the Clery Act. I know many institutions are already facing and will be facing MANY more lawsuits for their failure to prevent hate crimes and harassment in recent months. Maybe they will learn something. 

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