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Critical thinking does not come easy to everyone, therefore instructors can utilize problem solving tasks to encourage more thinking. This allows for interaction between classmate or groups to pose different opinions, responses and dialog which cultivate learning which does not feel like learning.

Instructors Should have at least 3-5 learning strategies and those strategies should coincide with the learning objective. Also that student need to more than a passive learner to help the develop skill of time management, brain storming with peers and tools of debating and discussing material within small groups and developing a sense of team. Rubics plays a role is assessing student completed material that reduces judgement as an assessment instead as an opinion.

Set backs can occur when the instructor is use to the face to face style teaching as lecturer and when the student are refusing to participate in critical thinking or have never experience this style in past educational experiences. This active learning style may be hard to grasps by both instructor and student alike. The benefit is that the learning is place squarely on the student with instructor role as monitor of student achievements. It also provide for critical thinking through role playing, group discussion ado or games to allow retention of information. Good technology benefit both and when it… >>>

Students are well prepared when the interactive teaching style is presented. This style allows for discussions, collaboration among peers,group project all at allowing student to do critical thinking and problem solving. All teacher will benefit when student retain information and it is applied to their personal lives,

FERPA guideline are design to keep the educational records of student private. Request can be made by the student but it must be his/her educational material and the institution has up to 45 days to comply.

Intrinsic motivation is long lasting and need not reward because the student wants to do the tasks. Meanwhile students who need extrinsic motivation can see that the task is completed by is usually influenced by the reward. Over use of extrinsic can led to dis-enchantment and fatigue.

Feedback is valued because it provide comments to aide in improving teaching style and methodology.

Security is when your student have a positive outlook on life and their believe in their personal abilities to preform duties.  Autonomy is the ability to self govern and to have so input or involvement with their activities. Both will enhance the student ability to achieve.

Comment on Sheila Heinert's post: Title IX is an eye opening issue and I agree with Sheila that it was informative.

It is the responsibility of campus Title IX coordinator to comply quickly to all reported violations and to respond to and take necessary action to address violations by assessing what occurs and who all were involved and what action must take placed to bring about resolution.

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