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Participation in the communication is enhance by the instructor having clear guidelines for participating. Instructions must be clear but not too rigid, It must also allows for socialization if it involved discussions between their peers. Central to the tasks it must be on cue and less digress from the topic at hand. The use of rubic allows for continuity in grading process.

Helping student to communicate online is difficult because many factors come to play ie their skill level in computers, their generation aspects, their learning style couple by level of conversation comfort between themselves and others.  Instructors must be agile in providing support and encouragement when needed.

Reply to Judith Jerauld RN's post:  It is also important for students to be civil in their communication and that there must be clear guidelines and consequences for not complying to the rules.

y to Lawrence Bufalino's post:  The formative and the summary allows for feedback in real time and also at the end. This is great because it allows for quick correction to difficult areas of communication.

Problems are good ways to take time out to assist others that need help. When you ome to the aide of others you allow them to complete something the felt was unobtainable.

Managers allgiven the task of problem solving and as uch they must understand what i the root cause and adjunctive cause of work place problems. Determining the cause allows for planning stregies to solve the problem. Causes of problem quickly assist us in settling disputes and problem which will stem off crises.

Best presentation are those that have been throughly research and practiced. Having an icebreaker at the begining allow for smooth opening to topic.

Reply to Amanda Haddock's post:    Yes it is important to know that laearing is not always linear and that teachin a diverse group of adults implies we must use all the tools we have at our disposal to engage learning for all students.


Fluid learning is the idea of always lerning and never becoming static in your growth abilities.


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The emotional intellegent is a part of our social development and requires us to be social beings where the influences of other play a crucial role in enhancing our ability to work together through complex situations.


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