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This is detailed and allows protection of all entities within an institution - very good that different agencies are working together to mitigate this problem and provide valuable resources to victims. 

I have been aware of Title IX, but now being on the educator side, the laws behind this have been eye opening and broader than I had previously realized. 

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activites in all federally funded schools. It is the school's responsibility to ensure it is taking prompt action to end sexual discrimination or harassment. It is important that faculty and staff also know the policies and procedures as it relates to Title IX as they must know how to act promptly when/if such an act occurs at their school. Knowing the policies and procedures helps to mitigate the situation quickly and correctly. 

As a former educator in Bethlehem, PA, I am very familiar with The Clery Act. In my previous position, I would assist the Title IX officer in collecting and reporting of the annual statistics. 


Title IX training is necessary to provide a safe space for everyone. Reporting needs to be done in order to keep all stakeholders safe in an institution. Title IX does not discriminate based on any identifiable differences and is an expectation for everyone.

I think that one of my biggest takeaways from this module is that victims need a clear procedure on what to do and who to go to when one of these situations arises. 

We are obligated to protect students, faculty and staff from discrimination & bias based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Title IV renders these activities against the law; it is a means to keep our partners safe.

I find it interesting that we need a law to to provide basic human understanding and compassion for all.

Title IX helps to ensure that students and staff are all provided with the same opportunities to work and learn without being discriminated against due to their personal identity. I am thankful that these regulations provide anyone with the opportunity to better themselves and their futures.

I never fully understood the Cleary Act until now. I now understand it’s significance and my responsibility in reporting the mandated unsafe acts. 

Lots of good information with detailed information. I will certainly be able to apply the knowledge gained here to help create a great environment at my place of work. 

Institutions are required to have policies in place regarding VAWA crimes, including a statement of policy regarding the institution’s programs to prevent crimes such as dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

I have learned the importance of being familiar with TIX to stay in compliance with federal laws at my school. 

Title IX, the Clery Act, and VAWA are necessary in order to protect students, faculty, and administrators who may be discriminated against based gender identity. I am an in-person instructor and I want to protect and provide support to my students and my coworkers if in the unfortunate case discrimination of this kind happens. 

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities. VAWA provides housing protections for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking.

Both Title IX and VAWA play crucial roles in addressing gender-based discrimination and violence, with Title IX focusing on the educational context and VAWA addressing a broader spectrum of violence against women, including legal and social support measures. These laws reflect the ongoing efforts to create safer and more equitable environments for all individuals. 

Title IX helps me understand a bit more about the students and their behavior. I like that this exist to protect all the students around the worl.

I agree with you we should be applying this the entire time to be aware of everything.

Kudos to President Obama for initiating this law :Title IX and VAWA as part of every public school in the USA. These laws are necessary to protect women and people in the LGBTQAI community and make a campus safe. 

Through this course I've learned Title IX is for protecting students, employers, and others from sexual discrimination regardless of sex including Sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender identity discrimination. Through out all campus, and out-campus activities that the college is responsible for. And if one of the circumstances ever take place the college is responsible to take immediate and appropriate action to fix that.

Title IX exists to protect students from discrimination on the basis of their sex, race, or orientation.

Comment on Carolyn Black's post: Very interesting, I did not know about this and that there are laws that protect victims. I find it very interesting, is this nation wide and for all industries or just education? Just wondering. Thank Your for sharing your knowledge. Have a blessed New Year ahead!

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