Sandra  Gallegos

Sandra Gallegos

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I love all the ideas,  Wish I could print them off to remember them.

I love the shower cap, the tee shirt, and the sheet idea.

I love the red, blue, and green dot idea.  However, I could also see some student being dishonest with the dots.

I believe that it is important to teach in different style to reach every type of learning.  I also think that lecturing by powerpoint is dreadful.  Many student want lecture by powerpoint so that they do not have to put in work prior to class.  I like to flip the classroom and provide a lecture video for them to watch.  In class, I like to go over concepts, discussion groups, questions, etc.. In this way every learn reached.    

Student internships help with soft skills, which helps them learn skills for the real world of work.

Internship are a valuable asset for the individual and the business.  Internships allow the organization to see the performance of the person and to see if that person would be a good fit.  For the individual, an internship is great for them to see if the field of study was a good choice.

I love active learning in the classroom.

Always come prepared, organized, and confident that you know what your are doing.  It is okay that a professor makes a mistake.  Own it.

I hate being in class when student start to get test results and their final score.  I always try to be fair when assessing grades and listening to students.

I have of students that are always looking at there phones and computer through out class.  Even when I state to put the items away.  They always wonder why they did not do well on the exams.  It is hard to get them engage even with conversation.

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