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I found it interesting that the U.S. Department of Education’s Financial Student Aid office monitors VAWA compliance  Targeted Clery Act compliance reviews may be initiated by FSA for reasons including information obtained from students, the media, or the Department’s Office for Civil Rights where a Title IX investigation raises Clery Act issues, such as failure to catalog and report crimes. Its good to see all these departments tie into each other.

This training was a refreshner on Title IX.  This presentation was very informative and detailed.   Protecting students from unwanted sexual situation regarless of sex, gender, orientation , etc.  is the goal of Title IX.  This is necessary in order to have a productive and positive educational experience. 


Title IX was introduced to ensure students and faculty are protected against various forms of harassment and violence, and to provide a path for reporting these violations to the institutions where they occur. Annuasl reporting aids in providing information and may even provide tends.

The training reviewed the importance and legal implications surrounding non-discriminatory policies and practices to ensure an equitable and respectful learning environment. 

I have recieved a lot of training in the past regarding sexual assualt prevention, discrimination, and sexual harrassement.  I am appreciative of the different policies, laws, and acts that are in place to protect students on compuses as well.  I can remember when there wasn't much of anything to protect students who were affected by various inappropriate acts on campuses.  Students have the right to obtain an education without being judged based on their race, gender, orientation, or having their personal space violated.


I found this training to be extremely beneficial. Even though I may be familiar with much of the content. Each time I think of different ways to perceive what I'm reading. In my profession, I have unfortunately dealt with my fair share of sexual harassment. It is crucial that institutions work on developing a cultutre that no longer tolerates discrimination, harassment and abuse of any kind. That we will not tolerate nothing short of inlcusion and positive touch. As educators it is our responsibilty. While it troubles me that there is a need to have inacted these policies I am deeply thankful they exist. 

Fantasticly organized information!  This information works for a new Title IX Coordinator or for one refreshing with the new laws in mind.

It is meant to protect students as well as the employees. 

I have taken Title IX trainings before and I feel like this has been the most thorough, with historical facts, recent history and not so recent history. Following the "Me Too" movement and more classes/employees being in a more secluded, technological, work area, often alone, with relying more so on text and email to communicate, it will be "interesting" to see how such trainings evolve. Unfortunately, sexual crimes are going nowhere.

Compared to other training I've had, this training was very thorough. It was mostly a refresher, but I did learn some new information about VAWA. Although the training is pitched for campus instructors, it is definitely important for the online environment too. 

Title IX was enacted to protect students, employees, or anyone from being discriminated against based on gender identity.  As I will be teaching online and in-person I need to make sure I follow all the rules and regulations of this law. As an instructor, we need to be aware of our student's gender and respect it.

This was a very in depth training on Title IX. I do understand a bit more in detail the reporting aspect and the why behind Title IX to ensure the safety of everyone at the institution. I also learned more about the Clery Act why it was inacted. Very good training.


All prevention programming, whether primary or ongoing, must include training on all of the institution’s policies and procedures for reporting and responding to VAWA crimes, and all of the required components of an institution’s disciplinary proceedings

So far I have learned that Title IX and VAWA Training: Building Safer Campuses is very necessary and it represents exactly what the title says. we are building a safer campus and creating an culture where everyone can feel safe no matter your race, age, disability or gender Identity. I will apply this training by educating all of my staff.

So much of this course provides a ton of detailed information for me. The intricacies of the VAWA crimes policies institutions must make clear and accessible to staff, students, and parents is detailed and valuable. 


The understanding of Title Ix and vawa and the proper procedures that need to be taken in order to protect our staff and students. 

Title IX prohibits discrimination on sex. Protect student and employe from sexual harassment. Sexual harrssment can include making inaprpropriate and unwanted sexual or sexually charged remarks or predatory letters, notes, e-mails. The Clery Act is the law that requires institutions to report annual statistics on crime occurring each calendar year on or near campus. 


This is a very important topic and will be applied as indicated. 

Ongoing awareness and prevention campaigns are critical to promoting student safety. Too often victims do not speak up and are unaware of their rights and resources available to them. It's equally important to ensure the administrators are fully trained on how to address these situations should they arise. 


When I was a student at a Community College, I remember receiving any Title IX training during my orientation week. It was short and simple. When I transferred to a 4-year institution and worked in the Diversity Center, I learned that it is a complex system that every school has to honor. 

As a student-athlete, we had several trainings on this topic and what it stands for. I always heard about the Clery Act in college, but I was not aware of how it came about. I am happy that this program protects everyone at the institution to provide a safer environment for all. 

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