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As I am my own worst critic I am aware that planning and preparing are two key components for me.  I had the opportunity to teach my first clinicals yesterday and it was quite interesting and left me feeling okay about my ability to do this.  I may not have taught before however I am really good at asking questions if I am unsure about something, and I found that if I talked to my students as adults it worked out better.  They are after all adults and more importantly they for the most part are already working in the… >>>

Informing your students at the start of the class what the expectations are and what the consequences are for not meeting them then at least your students are informed and you can manage better.  Being fair and consistent throughout your class I believe is a key,  of course I do realize that there will almost always be a curveball thrown at some point.

I learned about dealing with the different personalities of students.  It has been a while since I was a student physically sitting in a class.  A large part for me was online so getting ideas on how to deal with the different student personalities has been very useful information.

I really took notice about the syllabus and class calendar, using both of these and utilizing different ways to highlight important information contained in each.  By highlighting the important information not only do you make it easier for your students to see but also easier for you to see as a reminder to point those areas out. 

I found several of these exercises very creative and seems like a good way to mix up the teaching/learning experience.

I love the idea of using different methods of teaching, different ways for your students to get hands on and bring a little fun into the learning experience.

I gathered a couple of really useful ideas.  Being new to the whole teaching role I believe the hand gestures are a really good idea, the last thing I would want to do is create added anxiety for the patient(s) and/or family my student is working on.  Also thinking back to my days when I was in clinicals having the cards ready in case it is really a day where there is not a lot happening on the unit is a great way to engage your students, in my clinical days the student nurses were just free labor for the… >>>

By changing the method in which you teach it gives your students a different perspective in which to look at the material and hopefully a different way to learn.  It is important to find the different ways in which your student can learn the best, and likely it will be different for each of them.

It is important for the internship site to receive feedback, if they are doing something wrong they need to know about it in order to fix it.  You can't fix what you don't know is broke.  Likewise they need to know what they are doing right, what their strengths are.

A student performing an internship needs supervision from both the school and the business,  this needs to be provided so the student doesn't feel lost or like he/she has just been tossed to the wolves (so to speak).  An internship can speak volumes about the company, both good and bad, as well as the educational institution.  Providing support to the student not only shows concern and care about the student both professionally and personally but also shows belief in the student.

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