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Issues When Using Rubrics | Origin: EL109

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Using Rubrics to Enhance Online Learning --> Issues When Using Rubrics

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It is important to sure that student learning is assessed correctly.

Planning a rubric has components.

Peer assessment can be done as the students create their 1st drafts. Once they receive the feedback they are better prepared for the instructor's feedback and are more equipped to be on target with the use of the rubric in all areas of feedback

Students can take part in the creation of the rubric.

When creating a rubric do not add too many objectives.  Eight is a good number to have. 



Rubrics are not used for the sole purpose of outlining an assignment but can be used as an assessment tool before the assignment and after. I liked the idea of peer assessments to help aid in the completion of assignments.


student involvement, using assesments and objectives that fit the course, helps all to succeed

It is helpful for students to self assess and assess one another. This provides a deeper sense of understanding of the content, project or assignment.


In order to help all succeed, constructive criticism between student, peers and instructors will help students judge how well they learned the material. 


Taking the time to plan development of a rubric is important. Instructors need to have a clear understanding of what they want students to learn and how to evaluate learning Effectively using rubrics.


a instrucor should use objectives durning the desgn of a rubic.

I think peer assessments are a great way to provide growth to the students but must be evaluated by the instuctor who will provide feedback.

I have learned that Planning a rubric has components.

It is important to use reliable rubrics in peer assessment.

Self and peer assessment gives students an chance to learn how to assess their own work and that of their peers. 


With all the readings done, it is definitely necessary to incorporate rubrics in all student assignments. It facilitates both the understanding of what you want to obtain from the student and the way of evaluating. Being possible to be objective when evaluating and that the student knows in advance what is expected of him

Rubrics are essential in assessing students progress in a subject matter.

Rubics wou have its benedits. A disadvantage is sometimes rubies require more revision in order for it to be effective. Some feel that a rubric can be tailored for any type of student project.


Rubrics can help in self and peer assessment. Students become more self aware when viewing the rubric and if you use peer assessment as well, that can aid in developing good constructive criticism techniques. Peer assessment, in my experience, also helps students see their own deficiancies in their work.

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