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The importance in planning and and recognize the value of each part.


Para mí la autoevaluación es sumamente importante porque el estudiante asume responsabilidad sobre su proceso de enseñanza.


Peer and self assessment is a great way to develop formative assessment an when it comes with rubrics it is a guide.

Rubrics tend to enforce a sense of of feedback for students. In the same way peer assessment tend to develop social styles and ways of human cooperation. 


Using a rubric to self access and also to access a peers product is a great idea.


Rubrics if not planned correctly could limit students potential. Never thought that the rubric could be used as a checklist and create lack of motivatio. Will have to plan accordingly to keep projects lively. 

Perr and self assessments allows users to be open to constructive critisms that will enhance the learning experience and hopefully set them up for olong term success.

In this module I learned about self and peer assessment in a new way. 


Using rubrics as a self and peer assessment helps students' motivation, improvement in skills, and reflection on the entire project.  I recently had students present and wish I have devised a peer and self-assessment before the project. Ma has helped students monitor their behaviors and work habits. 


In this module, I have learned that Through self- and peer- assessments, students have an opportunity to develop a first draft of an assignment and receive formative feedback prior to making edits and submitting a final copy for assessment by the instructor. 

The rubrics are very important to teach the students the importance of the material of the lesson.  The student have the opportunity to make the work in class with clearly.

The student need to be part of the creation of the rubric so that it will be clearly understood and no reason for them to lag behind

Rubric update is an often overlooked part of course revisions, but it is really difficult to grade assignments with poorly written rubrics.

Rubrics should have 4-8 components.


Rubics are very beneficial, but they are time consuming to create and they cannot have too much on them as it will get confusing for the studens. 


Rubrics are essential to guide students on their assessments and demonstrate proper steps or information.


What I learned in this section of the course was that student-centered assessment allows for collaboration between Instructor and student and this provides problem solving, synthesize information and contruct their own knowledge.

Reply to Kara Sponsler's post:  Hello Mrs. Sponsler's, I agree that getting student to analize will help in their problems solving and provide them with constructing their own knowledge. 

Reply to Jose SantosRomeu's post: Hello SantosRomeu's yes, you're correct that you must plan ahead in developing a rubric to improve feedback from instructor and student for higher learning.

Peer and self assessments are so valuable for the student. Rubrics provide a clear guide for both.


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