Marco Caracoglia

Marco Caracoglia

Location: waterbury campus


family, soccer, yardwork


plumbing, teaching, coaching


Bottom Line I need to be involved and committed to my students.

Excellent module. I learned a lot today about these issues. Being informed and educated about these issues is key.


Until this training, I would of had never realized how much information there is about this subject. This training will help me to be a better instructor. Being informed and knowledgeable about this subject is the goal. 


Instructors as well as students need to have technological knowledge . Everyone assumes that in today's society that most have technology in computers and internet. There are many that are computer literat. If schools are going to online courses instructors and students need to be educated to perform at their best.

It's important to follow through with what you say you will do. 

Be a great leader by leading in example

Rubrics are essential in assessing students progress in a subject matter.

Being prepared for your classroom is extremely important as well as assessment of your students work that they present. There are many different types of learners, adapting to your students different learning types is the challenge.

From Linear to customized changes in the iformation processing. MMCs = multipoint mobile connections.

Rubrics are a necessary tool in the success of your class.

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