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Foundational Personality Trait Models | Origin: EL117

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Understanding Online Instructors’ and Learners’ Personality Traits --> Foundational Personality Trait Models

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Learning about the different personality traits like Phlegmatic allows you not to judge or label a student but more understand how their personality affects their studies.  Knowing this you can best serve your students. 

I have also learned that you can have a combination of the personality traits which causes much anxiety within yourself.


I believe using a self assesment prior to starting a new class, will help the instructor to get to know their students. I think it would be beneficial for the instructor to share their results with the new class as well. Understanding the personality of someone, helps you to understand each other better. 

How Jung Principle psychological function relates to your antatomy makeup. nMBTI is designed to measure humar behavior.


Understanding students personalities can help instructors with assignment of groups and how to deal with issues related to personalities. Instructors should understand thier own personalities to ensure that they are able to relate or deal to students.


Knowing and understanding the students personality differences can help with creating groups. I believe we as instructors shouLE use these and share results with the students. They may enjoy the resuits and learn from them. 


Personalities are challenging but knowing them and engaging is usefu for optimal results 

As an ENFP I do have some minor difficulty with my students that need to have a concrete deadline and strict rubrics. I believe I can adapt myself a little better now to best serve ALL of my students.

 I learned thatPersonalities are challenging but knowing them and engaging is usefu for optimal results. 

Learning personality traits of your students is key to developing a close relationship with them.


The different ways different personalities of the different students can affect how successful they are with the courses

Learning more about personality traits will help me deal with the diverse student population personalities.

GLoria I think that using the Myers Brigg test at the start of a new class coming in would really help the insturctor to understnad the basic personality trait of the students and would help oin the way that we can engage our students through their education process until they complete their program. It would also help in [planing ways of engaging the student.

Due to different peronality types, it should be expected that students will react differently to assignments and activities.  Flexibility in assignments and projects should help reach a broader spectrum of students motivations.

There are several types of personality inventories and systems that categorize individuals according to anywhere from four to sixteen types based on their preferences, actions and communications. These can be used to anticipate preferences in the ways students behave and interact with other students. Understanding these personality types can help to design courses that allow for each of the different types to excel. Just as I consider learning styles in designing courses, I can now keep in mind the different personality types, attitudes and behaviors to ensure everyone has a chance to excel and contribute in the way they are comfortable.

My understanding of this topic material is that human behaviour and personality, complex as it may be, has been studied enough for us to draw useful, meaningful actionable data and patterns in regards how to identify personality traits and perhaps be able to help reach the student in a manner that is more acceptable to the student.

Once you have established a stuents personality and behaver it can be helpful to then know how to best teach and relate to that student and hondle any issues that may arise with that student.

Having to deal with so many different personality traits of students as well as adults can rise the level of frustration to the classroom teacher.

I have found in my 25 years of teaching that understanding how a person learns is one of the most important things an instructor can have. It helps you put together a lesson that everyone can understand because you know how they learn from getting to know your students.


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