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I have 28yrs experience in the field as a designer pryer to joining Porter & Chester Institute, as Education Supervisor / Insturctor. Using softwares such as HP me10, Hp me30, Auto Cadd, Revit and SolidWorks. I have held positions in both the Machanical and Architectural fields and teach both subjects.  I also spent 13 yrs serving in the position as a Police Officer in CT.


You should treat a disabled student the same way you would treat a non-disabled student. Thay is what most disabled people want not to be treated different but to be treated equal to evertbody else. If they disclose that they are disable or ask about accomidations you should take an intrest and direct them to the proper personal thet can handle and answer there questions and needs.

You should not treat any of the students with or without a disability any different. By you treating a disable student different than a non-disabled student you can be adding to there disability in a different way, the last thing you would want to do is to make that student feel even more disable than they are, treat them as you would treat anyone else not any different or pitied.

it helped to understand that a disability should or cannot be used to make it eiaser or gve a disabled student an oppertunity to get eiaser grades than that of the non disabled student bet to give them the same oppertunity to achive the same.

This section has pointed out the many types of disabilities that are present and also points out the type of disabilities that exist that are not readaly visable.

That the institution must follow the guide lines and laws to insure that people with disabilitys have the same learning advantages as those with no disabilitys but it is the responcability of the disabled to follow the proper proceedures to make sure that their disabilitys are known by the institution so that accomodations can be made in a reasonable amount of time.

On line communication can be a way to support a student, incurage the student and also let them know that they are going to have to improve and step it up without it being in a demanding or degrading manner.

The improvement it todays technology is very valuable but it is also a shame the the use of phone and tablets also has started to dehunmanize many people. The up side is that sence it has become so common and in demand the users have become vary capable in is use. 

It is unfortunate today that I have found that a lot of my students don't have a knowledge in research, they have not been tought that at an earlier stage. Some of the students I have come in contact with also have poor writing skills this hinders them in being able to convey themselves. I do make attempts to have them take notes and also try to communicate by written responce.

It is important to build a strong working relationship with the students, making them feel that they are somebodys and not just numbers. It so also important to make sure that you get back to them is a timley manner when they have questions or need help. Giving them the feeling that they belong and are important to you, will help them want to stay involved.

I have learned that there are many ways to motivate your students and using some of these practices can really boost your productivity, in class as well as the productivity of the student.

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