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Virtual labs are possible, but free websites are not always up and running from year to year.  The website could be blocked by your district.  Purchasing virtual labs is a conversation worth having with your district.

It is very difficult to find effective software for online learning.  Some very repected companies just put out software that is an image of the textbook that reads the words aloud and moves the graphics around in a very crude manner.  Is there a location or a blog where people post virtual learning activities that are actually worth the money, or even free?

In science classes, lab is 40% of the grade.  I like the idea of digital scavenger hunts.  It may be necessary for districts to invest in virtual labs.  Creating content at the secondary level that is meaningful can be complicated, expecially if you are required to produce 1 lab per week.

Providing examples of what type of finished products are expected is a great idea.   I could provide examples of work at different success levels, and highlight where previous students made mistakes, had difficulties, or strategies that were successful.  Encouraging students to share what works and doesnt work dueing an activity could be a way to give out extra credit and give students the opportunity to interact and feel recognized by their peers.

Sycronous learning is important for the online classroom for younger or less self disciplines students.  Online sycronous instruction is the hardest to grasp because there were very few examples of this in the past.  Videos of Sycronous lessons being taught online by instructors would be beneficial.  

I plan to have a menu option for my course this year, since many students will be learning fom home.  I will have hard deadlines and due dates, with clear consequences, but I will give students a variety of activities to choose form.  My lectures will be interactive so that my social students will get credit for participating.  I plan to use video clip options for my introvert students to participate with more unanimity. Getting students to actually engage in the lessons is going to be a big challenge this year.  Understanding personality traits and motivations, both the students traits… >>>

Giving students options with an asignment increases the buy in and enthusiasm the student has with the assignment.  THe options allow a student to select a version of the assignment that aligns with their personality traits.  

It is important to mix up my content delivery style so that all students are given an opportunity to learn in their comfort zone.

By understanding my personality traits, I can be aware of the types of lessons I am creating. If left unchecked, the lessons I create will cater to students with similar personality traits to my own while alienating students with opposite traits.

Due to different peronality types, it should be expected that students will react differently to assignments and activities.  Flexibility in assignments and projects should help reach a broader spectrum of students motivations.

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