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Varying our teaching style will allow all students to learn on their level.

I am looking forward to the 21 day challange.  I hope to make the positive changes into a habbit 


Keep your course current, interactive and relative.

When giving feedback it is important to be clear and direct. It is also important for the students to understand that feedback goes bothways.


Organize your class before the term begins. Communite clearly 


With all of the COVID distractions it is very important to start each zoom with what we are doing today, what we did yesterday and when assignments are due. 

I provide my studetns with a grade tracker form for what assignments are due and when for the term.  How to contact me and what I expect of them.

Even though this information is provided I still have some students that will forget about assignments and deadlines.

I will start to engage with the "why" each time.  I will also send a welcome email not only to the new starts but… >>>

I thought the suggestion of inviting the reps to come in to the classroom and observe was an excellent idea. This will help them understand each subject a little better.


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I find it helpful if the students use only capital letters with multiple choice (A,B,C,D) this takes the confussion out of decodeing if an a looks like a d. Also, I have them use an A to = Ture and an B to= False. This makes grading quicker.

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