Tiffanie Nobles

Tiffanie Nobles

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Postive learning areas are the fooundation for a great learning environment. 

As a CTAE teacher we must be challening students to think high level question, just as other content areas would. 

I have learned that you have to have a large vocabulary and be diverse in many different programs, not just your own.

I think that is imporatnt to show the love and passion that we have for our career and let it show in our teaching in the CTAE classes.

I learned that the career cluster is a great way for students to start by planning their future. 

Take your course evaluations serious and use them to better yourslef as an educator.

Feedback is crticial when teaching online. Students needs to have interaction with content, teachers and other students. 

I realized there are a few things that I need to work on. Time management, rules and regulations and also quality feedback and making the most of your time. 

I realized the importance of a mentor. Someone to learn from and to help you along the way. Someone to help with manage your workload so that you have a balance in life and work.

I had never heard of mixed reality, however I realized today that it is the best of 2 worlds VR and AR. I can see that MR is the future. 

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