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I manage, however, I am learning leadership skills. I'm learning the differences between the two.

Research, propere planning, organization of items to be accomplished and deadlines are all important when developing a new program.  Also having a good plan is very important.  Costs for the new program must be established as well as physical space such as classrooms are also very important.

Data analysis is very important when consideerng a new program.  It may indiccate that a new program is or is not needed at this time.  Data may indicate that it is better to make changes to an existing program instead.

Accurate and good ressearch along with knowledge and understanding your present, past and potential student bases, companies that hire and do not hire your graduates is imprtant when consiering a new program.


A feasability study along with the correct group of indfividuals from staff, the community and program graduates is essential in the formation of a new program for a school.


Both students and instructors must understand the positive values of the flipped classroom.  Instructors must the time to find the right material to use with the on line learning for the students. They must also act as the expert in the course in the classroom portion.  


Wiith the internet there is a wide varity that can be used  for the videos and new information for the online learning.


As far as advantages students can access the information on line at anytime they choose.  The instructor can put up a variety of information for the students to learn using different mediums.  ne limitation might bre that the students are going to have to put enough time in to learn the material.  They will have to learn time management and put it into use.  

With the current geration of students I feelo like thed flipped classroom would fit right in.  The students can review the material as many times as they like.  The students will have to become more disciplined as far as thier study habits as they will have to make the time to study and learn the material.  The flipped classroom may also expose them to time management when they are learning the material.


After reading the material on cooperative and collaborative learning I have new insights that I will put into place in my on-line class.


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