Noah Schaefer

Noah Schaefer

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Providing sufficient detail for clarity is essential when creating a rubric


There are templates and starting points available on the internet when making a rubric


Rubrics can be time consuming to create


So interesting to learn about how and when rubrics can vary. I've always assumed other than content that they generally followed the same mechanics and purpose.


I had never considered the importance of assessing a students performance before an actual assessment. Without this, there is no way to truly gauge growth.


Motivation is critical in online learning without the physical classroom environment


The instructor will often have a different TC profile than at least some of their students, which is why it is important to be flexible in their teaching styles/techniques.


Instructors must be flexible in switching teaching styles depending on students color traits.


I am a BLUE, with certain characteristics of GOLD.


While these personality categorizations are thorough and cover a broad range of people, they are not black and white. People may be combinations of different personality profiles.


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