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I like the the to do like. I have a large calendar that I use as my list.


I have lesrned that procrastination is not a good habit, but also immediacy can cause stress.So it is best to prioritize your tasks.


I think the point that resonated with me the most is that I am in control of my time. It sounds simple, but sometimes there are so many things that need to be accomplished I feel overwhelmed and like I've failed if I don't accomplish everything. List-making also helps. I need to incorporate making a daily list and weekly list into my routine.


In this module, I have learned the importance of setting limits on completing tasks that are of low importance. I also learned that I really need to prioritize those that are of high importance. It is important to check that I don't over-emphasizing the importance of the easier tasks when making my to do list.


I am definitely an "immediacy" type of instructor and I do see that this can impede my productivity. I have never seen this named before and I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on why I feel this sense of urgency and how I can improve my time management skills in ways that will allow me to be more efficient. 

Time management is an outmost importance.


It is very important to prioritize your tasks and and look at your lists daily then follow up with each of your tasks. Time management is definately something that I can improve on.

I need this lesson! I can see that I mis-prioritize things and I procrastinate when they cause me stress. I need to write a daily list. That will be my goal. ANd then I need to appropriately prioritize the list. I ocassionaly make a list but usually when my stress is high. I need to change this. 


you have got to put your list of things to do on paper so to speak. Then you can prioritize. 


disorganization can be an obstacle to success but so can obsessive compulsive behavior.


Reply to Cherie Wink's post:agree!

Time management starts from thinking clearly about the objectives you want to acheive.

In this module I have learned how to prioritize more important items on my to do list by numbering them.


Task lists are very useful. I write one on early on Monday mornings and update it every morning before classes. On Friday I check the list to see if there are any unaccomplished items and I use this list to make the Monday morning list. I "strike out" a task when completed so I can physically "see" my accomplishments. 


To create a list and prioritize items by urgnency.  Breaking large tasks into chunks.  

I learned creating to do list, organized according to task urgency ( highlighted and assigned ) and avoid doing it in the last minute. 


Get your work, and your class alo get in order  personal life so it does not interfear  with family. Everything falls in place and gets somewhat easy .

Get your work, and your class alo get in order  personal life so it does not interfear  with family. Everything falls in place and gets somewhat easy .

This module was very helpful. I had heard of these concepts and approaches to help with time-management before, but a big take away for me was setting limits. In a few sections of the module, the importance of setting limits on how much time we spend on certain tasks was emphasized. This is something I struggle with - wanting to get everything done all at once. I think setting actual time limits for specific tasks will help immensely. 


I Learned that a good way to manage time is to make to do list and prioritize the list.  Also don't procrastinate. Get things done on time. Be on time or even be early


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